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10 years of MdynamiX AG: A journey of innovation and passion

Exactly ten years ago, enthusiastic experts joined forces with the aim of translating research results into innovative development tools more quickly and transferring them to the processes of the automotive industry using novel methods. This team of four professors, Peter Pfeffer, Bernhard Schick, Markus Krug and Stefan Sentpali, founded MdynamiX in 2014 – a company dedicated to innovation in vehicle development. Their goal became a corporate goal: over the years, MdynamiX has grown into an internationally connected company – from an initial four employees, it now has over 40. They work in the fields of vehicle dynamics, steering, automated driving,…

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MdynamiX celebrates a decade of innovation and technology transfer

Die vier Gründungsmitglieder der MdynamiX AG, Prof. Dr. Peter E. Pfeffer (CEO), Prof. Dr. Markus Krug (CEO), Prof. Bernhard Schick (CEO) und Prof. Dr. Stefan Sentpali (Aufsichtsratsvorsitz) (v.l.n.r.)

Benningen, 29.04.2024 – MdynamiX, an innovative vehicle development company, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Founded as a start-up in 2014 by the four professors Peter Pfeffer, Bernhard Schick, Markus Krug and Stefan Sentpali, MdynamiX is dedicated to innovation in vehicle development. Thanks to its proximity to the Munich and Kempten Universities of Applied Sciences, MdynamiX is at the source of the latest research results. MdynamiX was born out of the idea of rapidly transferring research results into innovative development tools and incorporating these into the processes of the vehicle industry using new methods. The core competencies of the globally active…

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VI-grade and MdynamiX Sign Reseller Agreement for Hardware-in-the-Loop Solutions

Darmstadt/Munich – MdynamiX is excited to announce a strategic partnership with VI-grade, a global provider of human-centric simulation-driven vehicle development solutions. This alliance, which strengthens our position in the crucial Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) market, will see VI-grade become an official reseller of our innovative HiL solutions. Our cutting-edge HiL rigs, compatible with all VI-grade driving simulators and AutoHawk HiL platforms, will be conveniently located in VI-grade’s SimCenters for firsthand experience and testing by customers worldwide. MdynamiX’s solutions that will be offered by VI-grade include: MXsteerHiL and MXsteerLink – a dynamic, real-time HiL test bench for Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Steer-by-Wire…

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MdynamiX and Institute for Human and Mobility agree on cooperation

Munich, 25.03.2024 – MdynamiX, innovative developer in the automotive industry, announces a new strategic partnership with the recently founded Institute for Human and Mobility (German: Insitut für Mensch und Mobilität – IMM) at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. This collaboration will focus on future-oriented research projects. The partnership offers a wide range of opportunities. The collaboration will offer the institute access to a broader industry network. For MdynamiX, IMM’s expertise in the field of transportation design is important. In addition, the bond with the university students is intensified. The students benefit from this as they can gain practical experience.…

Contact:  Eva Wuestum eva.wuestum@mdynamix.de
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New Release: MXeval Product Family


We’re excited to announce the new MXeval product family update. With the help of the MXeval App Manager, MXeval and the MXevalApp are now seamlessly connected. The combination of all three tools will open the way for future developments such as a combined evaluation of subjective and objective data and the correlation of both worlds.

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Consistent evaluation of automated driving functions with Vehicle-in-the-Loop

A joint project of MdynamiX, IPG and the University of Applied Sciences Kempten

Automated driving functions have become an integral part of the automotive industry. Parking maneuvers, in particular, are well-suited for automation due to their low speed and small operating space. The challenge lies in ensuring that such functions are not only safe but also accepted by vehicle occupants. In this context, we demonstrate in cooperation with IPG Automotive and Kempten University of Applied Sciences, how a consistent evaluation of automated driving functions can be implemented with MXeval and a ViL vehicle. Challenges in Testing Parking Functions The increasing automation of parking functions poses complex and costly testing requirements for developers. Realistic…

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Collaboration with INVENTUS to pioneer advanced MR technologies in automotive engineering

Die Kooperation zwischen MdynamiX und INVENTUS für wegweisende Magnetorheologie (MR)-Technologien in der Automobilindustrie.

We are excited to share that MdynamiX and INVENTUS have taken a significant stride in introducing cutting-edge magnetorheological (MR) actuators and technologies to the automotive engineering. INVENTUS, a trailblazer in the realm of developing MR actuators and technologies, has conceived a distinctive steer-by-wire handwheel force feedback actuator currently undergoing testing with leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers. With their patented technologies and ready-to-market haptic elements, they stand at the forefront of innovation. MdynamiX contributes to the partnership with extensive expertise in vehicle dynamics development and the creation of essential software for MR-actuators, including steer-by-wire feedback actuators and chassis components. Leveraging our…

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WECHSELSPANNUNG – Der Branchenpodcast: »How realistic is 100 percent e-mobility, actually?«

Peter Pfeffer über die Zukunft der Mobilität. ist es möglich Mobilität ausnahmslos elektrisch zu gestalten.
Professor Dr. Peter Pfeffer talks to JUNG.

The question of how we will move on the roads in the future, and with which propulsion systems, is a highly controversial topic. This also concerns the electrical trade, which plays a significant role in the context of electromobility. Moderators Elmo Schwandke (Journalist) and Georg Pape (Jung) discuss this complex matter with Prof. Dr. Peter Pfeffer. He is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in the field of mobility and vehicle technology. As a professor at Hochschule München, CEO of MdynamiX AG and deputy chairman of VDI München, he possesses comprehensive knowledge in all relevant fields. Discover from him…

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The year 2023 for MdynamiX

The year 2023 was a year full of highlights and significant milestones for MdynamiX. Here are some of the most notable events that shaped the year. We were there This year, we participated in several important events, including the VDI conference Tires, Chassis, Roadway, chassis.tech plus and Explore-to-Innovate, a format of the Institute for Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility. We also hosted our own driving event as part of the Munich chassis conference, chassis.Xperience. These events gave us the opportunity to present our latest innovations and exchange ideas with industry leaders. International presence Our presence on the international stage was…

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MdynamiX opens headquarters in Benningen, Bavaria

MdynamiX eröffnet Hauptsitz in Benningen, Bayern

BENNINGEN, Bavaria – MdynamiX AG, known for innovative solutions for complex research and development tasks in the automotive industry, today officially opened its new headquarters in Benningen with about 20 new jobs. The new headquarters is located in a former Bundeswehr shelter, Shelter 16, which will now become the headquarters of MdynamiX. This step underlines the continuous growth and expansion of MdynamiX. MdynamiX AG, which was founded in 2014 as an affiliated institute of Munich University of Applied Sciences with its first branch in the Bavarian capital, has chosen a special location for its new headquarters. In the Benningen Innovation…