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Good Connections from Bavaria to Guangzhou

We are happy to introduce our new distributor of MX products in Asia. Since the beginning of this year, Guangzhou Xtong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is representing MdynamiX in strategically important areas of the People’s Republic of China. They are trading with innovative MX products such as models, parametrization tools, testing tools, controllers and accompanying engineering services all around automated driving as well as vehicle dynamics, steering and NVH. Xtong as representative is dealing in the provinces Beijing, Tianjing, Henan, Shaanxi, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan and Fujian. It is one of China’s leading manufacturer of integrated solutions for manufacturing…

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MdynamiX expands in Asia

We are happy to announce a new distributor of MX products in Asia. Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai Polelink Information Technology is representing MdynamiX in strategically important areas of the People’s Republic of China. Polelink is trading with innovative MX products such as models, parametrization tools, testing tools, controllers and accompanying engineering services all around automated driving as well as vehicle dynamics, steering and NVH. Polelink is our distributor in the Regions of Changchun, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Baoding and Chongqing. Polelink Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology and innovation driven service company founded in 2010. Their Headquarter…

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Comfort and Dynamics at the 11th International Munich Chassis Symposium: MdynamiX and University of Kempten shared their expert knowledge from the home office

Mission - Im Mittelpunkt der Mensch

Munich. This year´s chassis.tech plus took place in a virtual conference from June 23-24. Four experts from MdynamiX, University of applied Sciences Kempten and the University of applied Sciences Munich shared their knowledge in a live session in the digital room. Today, not only virtual conferences and the home office give comfort a new meaning. At the same time, automated and autonomous functions are generating higher demands for comfort. With its main focus on innovative chassis systems that improve the driving experience the chassis.tech plus 2020 opens new perspectives on comfort and dynamics. For the first time in 11 years…

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MdynamiX continues supporting for VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge Vol. 2

VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge 2020, MdynamiX, Car Kit

The VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge competition at Munich University of Applied Sciences was first held on 13 March 2020. Teams of at least 2, but a maximum of 6 enrolled students competed in this competition with self-programmed vehicles to complete specified driving tasks. MdynamiX’ Andreas Michels, Matthias Niegl and Tobias Kloos actively supported the event by providing the track and handling the timekeeping. A team of MdynamiX will also support the upcoming VDI Challenge, which is planned on October 9, 2020. But also the participating students shall be supported by MdynamiX. MX is working on enabling the start of further…

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Markus Krug markus.krug@mdynamix.de
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Kempten University wins the first VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge Cup

VDI ADC 2020 Teilnehmer

The new VDI student competition for autonomous driving takes place in Munich The circuit meanders artfully through the sun-drenched foyer of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. The race track at the venue of the newly created VDI student competition “VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge”, which was held for the first time on 13 March 2020 at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, is very close to reality with its hairpin bends, chicanes and acceleration straights – not even the many car tyres at the edge of the race track to protect the spectators are missing. Motto: Get connected “The VDI…

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Technical depth and lively exchange on Tech Day

MdynamiX und dSpace

On 6 March 2020, a Tech Day was held at the Adrive Living Lab with over 100 experts from the automotive industry. There the new advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator from AB Dynamics was presented in detail to the experts. Besides numerous companies from the industry, MdynamiX was also present with two booths. Matthias Niegl spoke in his keynote about realistic steering feel. Further technical presentations and informative exhibition tours led through the morning. In a pleasant atmosphere, development methods and applications were presented, discussed and experiences intensively exchanged. At the same time, many participants had the opportunity to take a…

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Roll-out of the advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator – A Great Success!

aVDS Daniel Abt

For months, our colleagues from the Adrive Living Lab at Kempten University of Applied Sciences prepared the big event. The novel Formula 1 driving simulator officially went into operation on 5 March at our partner for scientific research. New technologies open up new paths of research. The Adrive Living Lab of the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten can expand its research activities in the future with a new advanced vehicle driving simulator (aVDS) from AB Dynamics and Williams Advanced Engineering. Bavarian Science Minister Bernd Sibler and Formula E Audi factory driver and surprise guest Daniel Abt were the first…

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With experience in their pockets and the future in sight. MdynamiX – a specialist for driving attributes

More than ever, humans and machines must communicate and interact perfectly with each other: externally, internally, acoustically, visually and haptically. Feedback, trust, a feeling of security and an always-predictable reaction. The four founders of MdynamiX meet these exciting challenges with expert knowledge and years of experience in research and teaching. The founding team, consisting of professors Peter Pfeffer, Stefan Sentpali, Bernhard Schick and Markus Krug, has made it their mission to lead the way with new mobility concepts and technologies. The interdisciplinary know-how of the founders creates synergies between the different fields of competence of MdynamiX. Peter Pfeffer is responsible…

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Latest evaluation method: MXeval Release 2.1 now also includes ADAS evaluation

Munich. MdynamiX introduces the new generation of their approved MX evaluation software for a consistent evaluation of driving manoeuvres with Key Performance Indicators. Numerous modifications make MXeval 2.1 not only more user friendly, it also enables a quick and simple validation – in online mode – of subjective impressions and objective performance data for the applications vehicle dynamics, steering, driving assistance systems. For the latest MXeval release, above all the improvement of the usability was significant. Now the focus has changed. So far, MXeval was optimized for office use. The newly introduced automated online mode facilitates the objective evaluation of…

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Annual review: this is what moved MdynamiX in 2019

ATZ Driving Experience

Munich/Kempten. MdynamiX looks back on an exciting and eventful year 2019. The increased media presence in the regional and nationwide press, but also in trade magazines is an indication that both the location Munich and Kempten have developed positively. A brief review shows the highlights of the year. In the first half of the year, the MdynamiX was pleased to receive two articles in the trade magazine ATZ. In February, the study of the University of Applied Sciences Kempten and MdynamiX on the topic of driving experience versus mental stress in assisted lateral control was published. This was followed in…