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Tyres – Chassis – Road: MdynamiX and Kempten University of Applied Sciences presented innovative developments at the VDI Conference

Korbinian Thaler bei Reifen, Fahrwerk, Fahrbahn, VDI

Hannover. Innovations and research activities in the development and design of tyres, chassis technology and road surfaces were presented at the traditional VDI conference “Tyre-chassis-road” on 16 and 17 October. Sebastian Keidler from the University of Kempten and Korbinian Thaler from MdynamiX AG were able to establish themselves as experts with their presentations. Megatrends such as the connectivity of the automobile are creating a high pressure for innovation in tires and chassis. Many questions remain unanswered: What are the functional advantages of networking tires and chassis? Do controlled chassis make sense and is driving fun lost through automated driving? To…

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Best Poster Award for Yu-Jeng Kuo at HFES Annual Meeting in Nantes

Best Poster Award für Yu-Jeng Kuo

Kempten / Nantes. At the beginning of October 2019 the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society – Europe Chapter invited for the annual society meeting in Nantes, France. Under the central theme „Understanding Human Behaviour in Complex Systems“, the latest findings from the area of Human Factors and Ergonomics were presented. Yu-Jeng Kuo, research assistant at the University of Kempten, was rewarded with the Best Poster Award. There is not a day that goes by without talking about digitalization and automation. Driving assistance systems and automated driving are probably the most omnipresent topics in the automotive industry besides electric mobility. The…

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Experience, Feel and Evaluate: at the practical seminar Feel to be driven, engineers change their perspective

Feel to be driven Praxisseminar

Kempten/Illertissen. At the practical seminar on September 23rd and 24th engineers have taken up the challenge of looking at driving dynamics and comfort, with a special focus on driver assistance systems, using subjective and objective evaluation methods. The automobile is in a stage of massive transformation: morphing from a means of transportation with lifestyle characteristics into a connected living space and comfortable mobility medium. Over the past decades, this change has led to rapid progress in the industry. Whether it is the rising importance of vehicle energy efficiency, the development of new driver assistance systems or the increasing importance of…

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ISAVT 4th Edition

International Symposium on Advance Verhicle Technology
The 4th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Technology took place at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan on September 4th – 6th, 2019

The 4th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Technology (ISAVT2019) took place at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan on September 4th – 6th, 2019. It offered academic researchers a unique opportunity to exchange and discuss advances and developments in future automotive technology. And how the automotive industry affects people and society as a whole. More than 100 participants from universities, research institutes, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and service providers intensively talked about the challenges and possible solutions for the future. 26 speakers with six top class key note speakers (Prof. Masato Abe/KAIT, Rolf Adomat/Continental, Akio Kinoshita/HORIBA, Prof. Kyong Su Yi/Seoul…

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MdynamiX and Kempten University represented at the International HCI Conference in Orlando

HCI International Orlando 2019
21st International HCI Conference took place in Orlando from 26-31 July 2019

Orlando. The 21st International HCI Conference took place in Orlando from 26-31 July 2019 and was a platform for networking and sharing the latest innovations and developments in human-computer interaction for more than 1600 participants. Seda Aydogdu and Prof. Bernhard Schick represented MdynamiX and the University of Applied Sciences Kempten with two presentations. Cars have become complex interactive systems. The design of the interfaces between driver and car is crucial for the way driving is experienced. Human-computer Interaction in the highly complex field of mobility and intermodal transport leads to completely new challenges. During the six-day conference, participants were able…

Contact:  Prof. Bernhard Schick BERNHARD.SCHICK@MDYNAMIX.DE
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Autonomous driving in the Bavarian Parliament

Prof. Pfeffer im bayerischen Landtag
Delegates show great interest in the subject of mobility

Shortly before the summer break of the Bavarian State Parliament, more than 20 members of the Alliance 90/GREENS parliamentary group attended the VDI State Association’s Parliamentary Breakfast. Katharina Schulze, co-chairwoman, emphasized the great interest of the members of the parliament in the subject of mobility and was pleased about the chance to experience the expert knowledge of the engineers in this conversation. Prof. Dr. Peter Pfeffer, chairman of the VDI Süd district association, spoke about an important component of future mobility concepts in his keynote “Automated and autonomous driving“. During the brief presentation of the five degrees of automation in…

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Peter E. Pfeffer PETER.PFEFFER@MDYNAMIX.DE
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MdynamiX at the Jubilee-chassis.tech 2019

Prof. Peter Pfeffer und Nico Rosberg
The anniversary event 2019: at the 10th chassis.tech plus, speed was also in demand when it came to developing the chassis of the future

Munich. Numerous manufacturers and suppliers from the automotive industry were represented at this year’s chassis.tech plus in the focus of the three aspects of safety, vehicle dynamics and driving comfort. MdynamiX presented itself with an exhibition stand at the Munich chassis conference on July, 25th + 26th. The conference leader and CEO of MdynamiX, Professor Peter E. Pfeffer, opened the anniversary event with the words: “After 20 years one may look back”. Keynote speakers from industry and research presented solutions that address the current challenges in chassis development. Nico Rosberg, former F1 world champion and co-owner of the IAV subsidiary…

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Peter E. Pfeffer PETER.PFEFFER@MDYNAMIX.DE
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Research Results of worldwide 1st Customer Acceptance Study on Full Display Mirrors

Digitaler Rückspiegel
Forward Thinking About Rearward Vision

Cameras and displays have the potential to replace car mirrors. But integration and driver acceptance challenges remain. BUT INTEGRATION AND DRIVER ACCEPTANCE CHALLENGES REMAIN Studies show drivers appreciate the benefits of digital mirrors, especially the expanded field of view Regulatory, vehicle integration, cost, functionality, and consumer acceptance challenges will moderate global adoption in the short term Rear video displays, mirrors and hybrid solutions will likely coexist for the foreseeable future ILLERTISSEN, Germany, June 18, 2019 – Automakers have selectively begun replacing traditional rearview mirrors with camera monitoring systems (CMS) that use cameras and video displays to improve the driver’s rearward…

Contact:  Prof. Bernhard Schick BERNHARD.SCHICK@MDYNAMIX.DE
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The driving event at chassis.tech’s 10th anniversary

MdynamiX Profil

The driving event of this year’s chassis.tech plus. Experience and evaluate chassis systems and ADAS on June 24 at the benchmark driving event the day before the 10th chassis.tech plus. Get to know the competitive environment by test-driving and evaluating the latest automobiles and their advanced assistant functions. All evaluation results will be recorded electronically, anonymized and made available to you. A vast selection of current car models equipped with state-of-the-art assistance systems available for you to test-drive a full day. You can take the time you usually don’t have in your daily working life to explore the different car…

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Peter E. Pfeffer PETER.PFEFFER@MDYNAMIX.DE
Contact:  Prof. Bernhard Schick  BERNHARD.SCHICK@MDYNAMIX.DE
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FEEL TO BE DRIVEN – Practical Seminar No. 3

Feel To Be Driven Team

The successful seminar series FEEL TO BE DRIVEN continues: at the beginning of May 2019, the participants of the third edition were able to acquire expert knowledge about the latest technologies and their potential from ADAS to automated driving. The personal driving experience is not to be missed. An important part of the seminar is the learning of subjective and objective evaluation methods, which are used to optimize driving functions and driving characteristics. The strong combination of theory and driving experience also inspires our participants: „It is especially attractive that you can compare driving assistance systems from different OEMs side…