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Collaboration with INVENTUS to pioneer advanced MR technologies in automotive engineering

We are excited to share that MdynamiX and INVENTUS have taken a significant stride in introducing cutting-edge magnetorheological (MR) actuators and technologies to the automotive engineering.

INVENTUS, a trailblazer in the realm of developing MR actuators and technologies, has conceived a distinctive steer-by-wire handwheel force feedback actuator currently undergoing testing with leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers. With their patented technologies and ready-to-market haptic elements, they stand at the forefront of innovation.

MdynamiX contributes to the partnership with extensive expertise in vehicle dynamics development and the creation of essential software for MR-actuators, including steer-by-wire feedback actuators and chassis components. Leveraging our knowledge and expansive network, we aim to pave the way for the successful introduction of these advanced technologies to the automotive market.

This collaboration establishes a robust foundation for the advancement and implementation of MR-based systems, offering advantages in weight and cost that ultimately enhance both the driving experience and safety.