A resilient test bench for the development of a unique braking feel

MXbrakeHiL: Experience, evaluate, and apply braking systems and ADAS/AD with a resilient early-stage test bench

Key facts for your success

  • Compatible with all modern brake systems from vacuum brake booster based to current state of the art electromechanical brake boosters
  • Realistic testing and developing of different brakesystem functions
  • Real-time capability also suitable for driving simulators
  • Affordable, standalone setup compatible with various real-time systems

MXbrakeHiL – structure

Convince yourself

Contact us now and test our systems free of charge and without obligation. Move your test drives from the road to your office and convince yourself of our performance:

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Tristan Schwandke Solution Engineer
Tristan Schwandke
Solution Engineer | Sales
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Kilian Jörg Development Engineer Test Bench Systems​
Kilian Jörg
Development Engineer Test Bench Systems​ | Development