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We are your innovation partner for solving complex research and development tasks in the automotive industry. We put people at the centre and strive to create a driving experience that is complete and attractive.

Our solutions are based on over 20 years of experience in research and development and on products and services with regard to driving characteristics in the areas of vehicle dynamics, steering feel, driver assistance systems, acoustics and NVH. And we do this using consistent methods in road tests, on the test bench and in driving simulation.

Knowledge from the latest research

Transfer into innovative methods

Effective products and services

Enthusiastic driving experiences

In the rapid development of new mobility technologies, we put people at the center of our work. We’re committed to using efficient and effective development tools. The results of vehicle development should ultimately serve the user.

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About us

chassis.Xperience 2024 - driving event

On 3 June 2024, we cordially invite you to a free driving event, which will take place as part of the plus congress. Here you will have the unique opportunity to test and experience chassis systems and ADAS/AD for yourself.

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COntact + sales partners


Our expertise covers the areas of vehicle dynamics and ride comfort, automated driving (ADAS/AD) as well as Acoustics and NVH.

We offer our customers tailor-made methods and solutions to ensure effective and efficient development of brand and model-specific characteristics.

As an affiliated institute of Munich University of Applied Sciences and partner of Kempten University of Applied Sciences, our customers have access to the latest research results and state-of-the-art facilities. Discover the future of mobility with us!

Test Benches + Testsystems

The robust hardware-in-the-loop solutions are flexible and adaptable to meet the growing demands created by the introduction of highly automated, autonomous driving and electric vehicles. They deliver reliable results and are tailored to your specific needs.


Our specially developed software solutions for analysis, targeting, parameterization and modelling are designed to optimize, accelerate and simplify the vehicle development process.


As a development partner to the automotive industry, MdynamiX focuses on the mobility of the future and offers a wide range of services. You benefit from our expertise in the fields of vehicle dynamics, steering, autonomous driving and acoustics/NVH. The use of the most sophisticated test and simulation environments is an integral part of our research and development services.



Our Academy develops comprehensive and in-depth training formats on all aspects of vehicles and mobility – online, hybrid and face-to-face. We prepare engineers for the future of vehicle development.


  • Our test methods are efficient and precisely harmonised
  • Suitable for early testing, evaluation and application
  • Our approach to the increasing complexity of vehicles
  • Our proximity to research facilities at University of Applied Sciences Munich and Kempten for research and development services

Jobs at MdynamiX

We are looking for engineers with initiative and a willingness to take on responsibility. Would you like to make a difference? Join our team!

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