Get ready for real-time precision

High model quality in terms of ride comfort, driving safety and handling

MXdampermodel: An accurate damper model for real-time virtual analyses

Product developments in the areas of ride comfort, driving safety and handling are increasingly performed in the virtual world using simulation – particularly in relation to the damper. However, conventional damper models often lack precision in the small speed range that is relevant to ride comfort and more complex models are frequently no longer real-time-capable. This is where the MXdampermodel achieves the balancing act between real-time-capable application and precise modeling.

MXdampermodel – real-time capable and highly accurate

The MXdampermodel is a real-time-capable Simulink-based modular tool that can be equally used in the areas of ride comfort, driving safety and handling.

Key Facts

  • Fast in-house generation of parameters based on standardized processes
  • For production and prototype dampers of the front and rear axles
  • For passive and (semi-)active systems
  • Real-time-capable due to heuristic modeling
  • Implementable in many commonly used (co-)simulation environments

Thanks to real-time capability combined with high model accuracy, the MXdampermodel offers major advantages specifically for comfort investigations in the small speed range. With an initialization file obtained from previously measured dampers, it is easy to parameterize and as a code file can be applied in many commonly used simulation environments (IPG CarMaker, Matlab/Simulink, Standalone ,…).