Automated Driving - ADAS/AD

Comfort experience re-defined for automated driving

Automated driving and ADAS/AD with confidence and safety

In a (partially) automated vehicle, you can relax and make the most of your time. The higher the degree of automation, the greater the challenges: Because precise feedback increases confidence and a sense of safety.

Automated driving: Redefining the driving experience through objective performance indicators

Our aim is to develop testing and evaluation methods for all automated driving functions and to translate the subjective experiences of drivers and passengers into objective key performance indicators (KPIs). This will enable the vehicles of tomorrow to inspire their users with a brand-typical touch and coherent character (DNA). Desired goals can be validated at any time in all phases of development: from simulation to the driving simulator and test bench trials through to road tests. As our customer, you can therefore make the right decisions in your vehicle development in good time. Redefining the driving experience is what drives us and what we aspire to in this era of new mobility.

Effective evaluation methods for inspiring vehicle development: a seamless process for timely decisions

With our evaluation methods in all development phases, you always make the right decision at the right time. And develop vehicles that inspire.

Our methods and products are perfectly coordinated. This ensures a consistent development process. Whether in the MIL/SIL simulation, on the HIL system test bench, on the driving simulator or in road tests: as a customer, you always receive comparable assessments at the earliest possible stage. We have established a tiered model of linked evaluation criteria for this purpose. They include both subjective customer and expert evaluations as well as objective performance indicators ( KPIs).

Understanding the user experience with subject and benchmark studie

With our test person studies, we help our customers to understand how people experience the functions and what they want. Our benchmark studies, on the other hand, help our customers to position themselves in terms of driving characteristics and define corresponding targets. Thanks to a high degree of automation and simple operation, you can make the right decision in good time at all stages. As we all know, progress never stands still, which is why it keeps driving us forward. That’s why we are constantly developing our methods together with our research partners and customers. True to the maxim: more effectiveness creates more efficiency.

Optimum driving experience thanks to advanced automation and decades of experience

Our solutions are based on more than 20 years of development and testing experience as well as ongoing test subject studies on driving characteristics in the areas of vehicle dynamics, steering feel and driver assistance systems. Driving, bench testing and simulating.

Effective and efficient on all levels

Our tiered model interlinks subjective and objective evaluation criteria – from the customer to the expert – for consistent developments with evaluations that can be used early on and are always comparable. We’ll lighten your load and provide you with freedom to focus on your key tasks.