Acoustics + NVH

Unique sound experience design for the senses

Acoustics + NVH for the New Mobility

The sound of a vehicle is an essential part of its character. The current shift from combustion engines to electric motors requires both engineers and consumers to adapt.

We offer you complete solutions in all areas of sound design: including measurements, assessments and software engineering in the field of Active Sound Generation (ASG). We carry out appropriate benchmark analyses for you for individual objectives of your specific sound. We also offer you research and development services in the field of vehicle vibrations. Development rounds off our comprehensive portfolio.

Sound design in e-mobility with brand-typical sound

The displacement of the combustion engine means that, on the one hand, the brand-characteristic drive sound is lost and, on the other, its inherent signalling effect. As a result, communication between man and machine is severely disrupted. This is why it is particularly important to create sound for “silent” electric vehicles in such a way that synaesthesia, i.e. the coupling of the perception of different senses, is restored: This means that the sound must be in harmony with the haptic and visual design of the vehicle for the customer. People want to be convinced with all their senses. And even in the electric age, the human-machine interface must function flawlessly.

Shaping the future vehicle sound through decades of experience and user understanding

Under this maxim, we are actively shaping the sound of the future. As euphony without interference and with an inherent signalling effect.

Our knowledge is based on decades of industry-related research and development in the most diverse areas of technical acoustics. Thanks to our expertise in vehicle acoustics, we know the requirements of OEMs and suppliers just as well as the expectations of users. That’s why we have the right solution for you to create an authentic sound that matches the character of the vehicle.

R&D for NVH and Active Sound

Our comprehensive range of harmonized methods and products ensures consistency in your development and delivers usable results at an early stage.