MXeval for your quick evaluation and right decisions

Driving quality, that inspire people. MXeval is the matching automated evaluation and targeting software for attribute-based development of vehicle dynamics and automated driving. Mxeval enables an instant transfer of measurement and simulation data into Key Performance Indicators. It also allows easy validation of simulation vs. road test. Success guaranteed by setting the right targets and measuring your achievements.

Die Produktivität von Ingenieuren und Managern bezüglich Entwicklungsmonitoring wird erhöht und gleichzeitig die Grundlage für die Definition einer Marken-DNA geschaffen. MXeval ist eine hochgradig anpassbare Software, die auf angewandten Forschungsmethoden basiert, die in langjährigen Partnerschaften mit Premium-OEMs entwickelt wurden.

Key Facts for your success

  • Ready to go evaluation and targeting process
  • Highly customizable to own needs
  • Instant results and reduction of workload
  • Easy to use GUI with powerful visualization
  • Wide range of applications from MiL/SIL/HIL to vehicle

Key Applications: Our knowledge pack of the shelf

You get highly condensed knowledge and experience from years of research, numerous expert and customer studies, thousands of test drives and terabytes of measured data in easy-to-use evaluation libraries of driving maneuvers.

Further information about each library and the included tests can be found in the online documentation.

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Data Analytics: Focus on the essentials

MXeval Desktop

MXeval is designed for a high sophisticated objective evaluation of vehicle attributes. A very fast and easy transfer of measurement or simulation data into Key Performance Indicators enable to mange complex tasks. A high degree of automation and standardization guarantees fast and always comparable results. It also allows easy validation of simulation vs. road test.

Target Management: Always your goals in mind

MXeval Barplot

For each KPI, assessment boundaries can be specified to configure a unique target behavior.

This assessment configurations apply color indicators to all numeric results which gives an instant feedback about the quality of the evaluation results.

Automation: More time for your creativity

MXeval is designed to give you the choice: In addition to a manual file input you can also start the fully automated observer mode. It monitors a specified folder and evaluates new files autonomously.

This way the automation is independent from your simulation, measurement or test environment.

Online Mode: See tomorrow’s results today

Control is good. Early control is much better MXeval offers different modes depending on the use case. In online mode the GUI is optimized for smaller (touch) screens and in-vehicle use. This makes it even easier to evaluate the results directly after a maneuver, especially for vehicle testing and calibration tasks. The combination of online and observer mode produces fully automated results even before you turn your head to the screen. In-vehicle evaluation prevents unpleasant surprises and therefore additional test days due to incorrect measurements – job is done!

MXeval Impressions

  • ABS comparison

  • KPI barplot analysis

  • Clustered KPI Correlation

  • HTML Report

  • Wheel slip analysis

  • Lateral Guidance: Free Run evaluation

  • Lateral Acceleration Heatmap

  • GPS velocity heatmap

  • Alttext

    Online GUI Mode: Plots

  • Online GUI Mode: KPIs

  • Application Example: Driving Simulator

Customizable: This is what engineer dreams of

MXeval is highly customizable for all kind of applications, which allows you to integrate it seamlessly into any workflow.

  • Tests: Implement custom test cases to cover the entire validation/evaluation range
  • KPIs: Calculate additional KPIs in each test evaluation
  • Plots: Create additional output plots to analyse specific data more closely
  • Correlation: Create scatter plots to analyze the correlation between different KPIs
  • Channels: Integrate additional channels for a customized evaluation
  • KPI Target Definition: Receive an instant feedback about the result quality
  • KPI Namespace: Rename names & units to fit to your standard
  • Summary Functions: Perform statistical analysis over all evaluation results

Reporting: Let the facts speak and make right decisions

To unveil the success in the company, result have to be reported, usually an inefficient and not standardized process. With the automated reporting in MXeval the workload is significantly reduced and decisions will be made on hard facts.

The html-based report provides an interactive, responsive and cross-platform capable experience.

Compatibility: Click and go makes it easy

Since MXeval is developed with MATLAB, there are almost no limitations in terms of the input file format. However, MXeval natively supports 4 widely used file formats that can be used without further pre-processing of the data.


Matthias Niegl
Senior Engineer Vehicle Dynamics
+49 173 2396818