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5 reasons why you need the MXsteerHiL for your steering development

For vehicle engineers, experiencing steering feel is essential for evaluation. Imagine being able to experience, evaluate and apply this steering feel much earlier in the development phase and without a vehicle. With the MXsteerHiL you experience the real steering feel at an early stage at your desk or in the lab and not – as usual – only in the prototype vehicle. The differences in steering feel can be measured and calibrated with the MXsteerHiL. Especially in automated driving, the MXsteerHiL allows you to enter development with a high degree of maturity. Sounds unimaginable? It isn’t. Because that is our…

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Theory and practice combined: The chassis.Xperience

Driving Pleasure Automated Driving

Benningen/Munich: After a break of two long years due to the pandemic, the time has finally come: This year, the “chassis.tech plus” is firmly back on the event calendar and so is the accompanying “chassis.Xperience”. The free driving event is organised by MdynamiX together with the universities of Munich and Kempten and takes place at the Institute for Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility (IFM) of the Kempten University of Applied Sciences in Benningen (near Allgäu Airport Memmingen). Special focus is placed on experiencing the latest chassis and ADAS/AD systems and it is the perfect practical complement to the Munich Chassis…

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Practical seminars STEER & FEEL and DRIVE & FEEL …. After a long break we start again

Driving, experiencing, discussing and interacting is the key to effective teaching of further education in vehicle technology. With this in mind, we are very pleased to be able to launch two practical seminars again in the period June 20 – 24, 2022. Specialists and managers will then again have the opportunity to bring themselves up to date with the latest technical developments in the areas of vehicle dynamics and driving comfort and to test many vehicles in practice.   DRIVE & FEEL The seminar illustrates the interrelationships of human perception, reaction and control systems by means of theoretical considerations and…

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MXeval NEW RELEASE 4.0: Enter new Dimensions

The continuous evolution of MXeval is opening up new dimensions in a wide variety. Own processing and ideas can be realized in the custom tests and are fully supported by the numerous features of the framework. Besides the features, the visualization has also received a major update – new dimensions with heatmap signals in a GPS plot with Google Maps background in subplots – everything is possible. ESC and brake experts are now also part of the MXeval universe, test the new Stability Control library! This video of our Youtube playlist shows all features in less than three minutes:  …

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Year in review: The year 2021 for MdynamiX

Munich/Benningen. A good year is coming to an end. Despite the Corona pandemic, which affected our private and business life to a greater or lesser extent, we can be proud of a successful year. The year 2021 started with the large research project METAVI. Together with well-known industrial companies such as Audi, Continental, Schaeffler, AB Dynamics and the Kempten University of Applied Sciences (IFM), we started the joint project. Over a period of three years, the project partners will conduct research in the field of automated driving and steer-by-wire systems with a special focus on the user experience and virtual…

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Using the design thinking method to create the ideal head-up display

Test person designs his own head-up display

Kempten. The head-up display (HUD) is definitely a driver assistance system that triggers true enthusiasm among the majority of users. In addition to this euphoria, it contributes to greater safety on the road by projecting important information directly into the driver’s field of vision. This is because the car driver is not distracted by displays in the instrument cluster, the on-board computer or the navigation system display. However, an earlier subject study at Kempten University of Applied Sciences showed that the current HUD concept still has great potential for improvement from the customer’s point of view. Therefore, a study was…

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MXeval for your quick evaluation and right decisions

MXeval Barplot

Driving quality, that inspires people. MXeval is an automated evaluation and targeting software for attribute-based development of vehicle dynamics and automated driving. It enables an instant transfer of measurement and simulation data into Key Performance Indicators. It also allows easy validation of simulation vs. road test. With the right goals and measurement data, your success is guaranteed.   MXeval release V3.1 is available now: The new update of MXeval provides important updates of the vehicle dynamics and automated driving evaluation library as well as various enhancements in terms of customization, flexibility and productivity of the evaluation workflow. This offers new…

Contact:  Matthias Niegl matthias.niegl@mdynamix.de
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Annual review: How MdynamiX experienced the year 2020

ATZ Driving Experience

Munich/Kempten. The year 2020 was a very memorable one for all of us and will forever have a special place in our memories. The year took its course, but then COVID-19 hit globally. We also faced seemingly insurmountable challenges. After the initial shock, we went to work in our home offices in the very first lockdown. Despite the Corona pandemic, MdynamiX looks back on a successful year with this short review. The big highlight was definitely the roll-out event including the Tech Day at the beginning of the year. The MX partner institute Adrive Living Lab of the University of…

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Shelter 16 – the new HQ of MdynamiX is being built in the Allgäu region

Shelter 16, neues HQ MdynamiX Allgäu

MdynamiX AG has been building bridges between science and industry since 2014. Since then, the company has been contributing to the benefit of people, society and the economy through the effective transfer of invention to innovation. Until now, Munich was the main location; in 2017, Kempten was added as a partner location. At the Munich site, research teams work on advanced solutions for vehicle dynamics and comfort, acoustics and NVH technology. Innovative solutions in the field of driver assistance systems and automated driving are developed at the partner location in the Allgäu region. All research teams have one thing in…

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MXeval NEW RELEASE: Version 3.0 with new ACC and extended LKAS Evaluation Library now available

Munich. Generation 3.0 of the approved MX evaluation software for consistent analysis of driving manoeuvres with Key Performance Indicators comes with numerous new features. Besides a native support for essential file-types, a data plausibility check, target manager, and many more, the ACC and extended LKAS Evaluation library is the main modification of this release.  It makes MXeval again more user friendly, enables a quick and simple vehicle performance validation – in online and in offline mode. As a result, it helps you shape better cars.   You don’t know MXeval yet? MXeval is an evaluation and target analysis software for…

Contact:  Matthias Niegl matthias.niegl@mdynamix.de