Expertise for vehicle development

With expertise and coordinated solutions, we transform invention into innovative products and methods. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible and deliver ground-breaking solutions in the areas of vehicle dynamics and steering, autonomous driving, as well as control technology, acoustics and NHV.

Our harmoniously coordinated methods and products ensure consistency throughout your development and enable you to achieve usable results at an early stage.

Vehicle Dynamics + Steering

Comfort Experience & Automated Driving

Our expertise in vehicle dynamics and steering enables us to develop vehicles in the age of automated driving that are not only efficient but also comfortable to drive. We are constantly working to optimize driving comfort through improved stability, control and responsiveness.

Automated Driving + ADAS/AD

Driving Pleasure Automated Driving

We develop test methods for automated/autonomous driving and driver assistance systems and translate subjective experiences into objective indicators. For vehicle development with a brand-typical touch. We offer validation during development so that our customers can make decisions in good time.

Acoustics + NVH

Sound Experience E-Driving

We specialize in the analysis and improvement of vehicle acoustics, including noise reduction, sound optimization and sound proofing. These acoustics and NVH services are crucial for the driving comfort and performance of vehicles.