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New Release: MXeval Product Family


We’re excited to announce the new MXeval product family update. With the help of the MXeval App Manager, MXeval and the MXevalApp are now seamlessly connected. The combination of all three tools will open the way for future developments such as a combined evaluation of subjective and objective data and the correlation of both worlds.

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MXeval, Auswerte- und Targeting Software

Ground Truth Parking

MXeval, Ground Truth Parking

With the integration of our Ground Truth toolbox for parking, parking distances can be calculated based on GNSS position data with high accuracy. Furthermore, the toolbox allows a distance calculation from custom points of interest (POIs), offering even more comprehensive evaluation capabilities.

Library Updates

Our longitudinal guidance library has been revised and standardized for a more clear configuration across all evaluation libraries. The lateral guidance library now features ISO 21202 and UNECE R79 lane change evaluations which broaden the testing capabilities of MXeval.

MXeval - Library-Updates

Config Editing

Fast changes of various config sections can now be made directly inside the app. Requirement changes can be implemented on the go, without the need of going back to the computer. Also, this new WYSIWYG feature no longer requires to manually edit the config files.

UI Configuration

The new UI configuration hides and shows specific UI elements to configure the UI to the personal needs. This enables users to focus on the personal specific evaluation task. Additionally, personal introduction screens can be configured to give further startup information to the app user.

MXevalApp, UI Configuration

Efficient Comments

The use of media based comments adds an even more detailed comment information in just a few seconds. Also predefined comments can be used to directly pick responses from a predefined list. This can help to increase efficiency and simplifies a further postprocessing of the response data.

Report Merging

MXevalApp Manager, Report Merging

The report merging feature is one big step towards the final evaluation of the subjective data. With this new feature, all reports from various devices of an evaluation campaign can be merged into an overall evaluation report – ready to be passed to the final data postprocessing.

Config Management

The new config management is one of the most significant additions to the MXevalApp Manager. It allows the MXevalApp devices to be configured directly from a computer using a user-friendly UI. This new editor eliminates the need of a manual configuration of the text based config files.

Config Preview

The configs generated using the new Config Management functionality can now be previewed directly from the MXevalApp Manager on a computer using a Windows based version of the MXevalApp. This speeds up the config development, since there is no further need to manually push the config to a tablet to see the configuration results.

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