Experience, evaluate, and apply steering systems and ADAS/AD in the early stages

MXsteerWheel RTpro: the force feedback setup for a unique steering feel

MXsteerWheel RTpro is a stable force feedback setup for engineers of steering systems and ADAS/AD development with the focus on steering feel, providing a realistic and comprehensive simulation of a steering wheel’s behavior with real-time feedback and results before accessing any physical hardware.

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Its intuitive use, the confidence in the product as well cost-efficiency and reality-based development are the outcome of our core competencies and pioneering work in the field of steering field. 

Key facts for your success

  • Deterministic (fast) real-time-connection with EtherCat
  • Achieve realistic results through simulation
  • Running FF stable with complicated model as well as realistic parameters
  • Perfect tool for ADAS and steerig feel development
  • Realistic steering feel, due to complex steering model and unmodified parameters

Setup-Example – Assemble the actuator in just a few simple steps onto the desk

MXsteerCon: Smartes Gehirn für reales Lenkgefühl

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