Experience, evaluate, and apply steering systems and ADAS/AD in the early stages

MXsteerWheel RTpro: the force feedback setup for a unique steering feel

MXsteerWheel RTpro is a powerful force feedback unit capable of translating complex steering models into a true haptic steering feel. Our cost-effective and innovative product is the result of pioneering work in the field of steering development and enables users to improve their models and steering functions.

It is made for steering system engineers and ADAS/AD developers with a focus on steering feel. The setup enables a realistic and holistic replication of a steering wheel’s behaviour, including real-time feedback and results, before even resorting to physical hardware.

The proven and cross-component test rig architecture

MXsteerWheel RTpro_Architektur

Key facts of the MXsteerWheel RTpro

  • achieve realistic haptic results through simulation
  • smooth and stable running of complex steering model
  • perfect tool for development of steering feel and additional steering functions
  • implementation of parameter sets from real measured steering systems
  • deterministic real-time-connection with EtherCat

Setup-Example – Assemble the actuator in just a few simple steps onto the desk

MXsteerWheel RTpro – compatible, flexible and proven!

  • Many years of experience in the fields of vehicle dynamics, chassis development, simulator and test bench development.
  • Proximity to the latest developments through close cooperation with the universities of Munich and Kempten.
  • Our Pfeffer MXsteering model is natively integrated in vehicle models such as IPG CarMaker and dSPACE ASM.
  • Cross-product compatibility – Our goal is to generate a total solution for the customer. Therefore, all MdynamiX products can be combined with each other.

Convince yourself

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