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Year in review: The year 2021 for MdynamiX

Munich/Benningen. A good year is coming to an end. Despite the Corona pandemic, which affected our private and business life to a greater or lesser extent, we can be proud of a successful year. The year 2021 started with the large research project METAVI. Together with well-known industrial companies such as Audi, Continental, Schaeffler, AB Dynamics and the Kempten University of Applied Sciences (IFM), we started the joint project. Over a period of three years, the project partners will conduct research in the field of automated driving and steer-by-wire systems with a special focus on the user experience and virtual…

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All-round upgrade: Dynamic driving simulator now fully operational in Benningen

ABD driving simulator at University Kempten

Kempten/Benningen. Since October 2021, we eventually have it back: After weeks of moving from Kempten to the new location of the Institute for Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility (IFM) in Benningen, the dynamic driving simulator is back in operational use. The simulation team of the Adrive research group took the opportunity to implement an extensive upgrade. The result: a significantly larger and more powerful visualization, more room to move, increased performance and a wider range of applications in the field of driving dynamics, driving comfort and automated driving. When it was decided to move the institute to the new location…

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MdynamiX presents new MXcarkit equipment at the VDI congress “ELIV” 2021

Bonn. On October 20 and 21, the MXcarkits and its specially developed brand-new equipment will be presented to a large live audience for the first time. The international VDI congress “ELIV” opens its doors again this year and offers the platform to see the small fully autonomous vehicles with the matching and VDI ADC compliant accessories live. The MXcarkits are model vehicles that do much more than just remotely control driving and parking situations. By incorporating sensor technology and a real-time computer, they have real computing power on board and can thus master automated driving situations. The MXcarkit is quickly…

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MXeval NEW RELEASE 3.2: Correlations point by point

MXeval 3.2 New Release

The latest generation of our evaluation and targeting software for attribute based development has made a further step into usability and efficient validation. Two major new features have been implemented for this purpose.     KPI Correlation With the newly introduced XY scatter plots KPI correlations can be created to analyze the dependencies of certain KPIs. In combination with custom KPIs and channels, this feature really boosts the evaluation capabilities, especially with larger datasets.         GUI Redesign The overall GUI layout of MXeval has been updated for a more effective evaluation experience, that allows you to focus…

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WEBINAR: How to scale ADAS testing with objective KPIs

How to scale ADAS testing with objective KPIs

Panel discussion with MdynamiX, GeneSys, atlatec and the Kempten University of Applied Sciences  Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 – 10 am CEST (German) Thursday June 10th, 2021 – 18 pm CEST (English) Modern-day ADAS features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane-Keep Assist/LKAS and others are a highly innovative domain. Some developments are driven by regulatory requirements (NCAP etc.), others aim to give car makers an edge over their competition, in terms of comfort and driving pleasure. Especially for the latter, however, regulatory requirements are insufficient KPIs for designing and testing ADAS features: One of the main challenges is how to define…

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Using the design thinking method to create the ideal head-up display

Test person designs his own head-up display

Kempten. The head-up display (HUD) is definitely a driver assistance system that triggers true enthusiasm among the majority of users. In addition to this euphoria, it contributes to greater safety on the road by projecting important information directly into the driver’s field of vision. This is because the car driver is not distracted by displays in the instrument cluster, the on-board computer or the navigation system display. However, an earlier subject study at Kempten University of Applied Sciences showed that the current HUD concept still has great potential for improvement from the customer’s point of view. Therefore, a study was…

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Cooperative project METAVI takes off – MX on board as a collaborative partner

METAVI Key Visual

Benningen. The kickoff meeting for the three-year METAVI cooperative project took place at the new location of MX research partner Adrive Living Lab in the industrial park in Benningen near the “Allgäu Airport”. The project is funded by “Bayern Digital”, an initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy promoting human-centered technologies and development methods for automated driving. The University of Applied Sciences Kempten, with its Institute for Future Mobility (IFM) and the associated Adrive Living Lab, is the consortium leader of the 5 million euro project. In addition to MdynamiX, the partner network consists of…

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MXeval for your quick evaluation and right decisions

MXeval Barplot

Driving quality, that inspires people. MXeval is an automated evaluation and targeting software for attribute-based development of vehicle dynamics and automated driving. It enables an instant transfer of measurement and simulation data into Key Performance Indicators. It also allows easy validation of simulation vs. road test. With the right goals and measurement data, your success is guaranteed.   MXeval release V3.1 is available now: The new update of MXeval provides important updates of the vehicle dynamics and automated driving evaluation library as well as various enhancements in terms of customization, flexibility and productivity of the evaluation workflow. This offers new…

Contact:  Matthias Niegl
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100% focus on the essential task…

Autonomous Cars for Research and Development

…thanks to the MXcarkit. The success story from a model car at a student competition to a top tool in research and development has already been told. In this blog post, we will use an application example to show what can be extracted from the perfectly equipped model cars, both among students in research institutes and in the R&D department of an OEM. The MXcarkits are modified vehicles originally from model construction that do much more than remotely control driving and parking situations. By incorporating sensor technology and a real-time computer, they have real computing power on board and can…

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Markus Krug
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Annual review: How MdynamiX experienced the year 2020

ATZ Driving Experience

Munich/Kempten. The year 2020 was a very memorable one for all of us and will forever have a special place in our memories. The year took its course, but then COVID-19 hit globally. We also faced seemingly insurmountable challenges. After the initial shock, we went to work in our home offices in the very first lockdown. Despite the Corona pandemic, MdynamiX looks back on a successful year with this short review. The big highlight was definitely the roll-out event including the Tech Day at the beginning of the year. The MX partner institute Adrive Living Lab of the University of…