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WECHSELSPANNUNG – Der Branchenpodcast: »How realistic is 100 percent e-mobility, actually?«

Professor Dr. Peter Pfeffer talks to JUNG.

The question of how we will move on the roads in the future, and with which propulsion systems, is a highly controversial topic. This also concerns the electrical trade, which plays a significant role in the context of electromobility.

Moderators Elmo Schwandke (Journalist) and Georg Pape (Jung) discuss this complex matter with Prof. Dr. Peter Pfeffer. He is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in the field of mobility and vehicle technology. As a professor at Hochschule München, CEO of MdynamiX AG and deputy chairman of VDI München, he possesses comprehensive knowledge in all relevant fields. Discover from him which technologies hold the most promising prospects for the future in this industry.


Enjoy listening!