Made for the development of a unique steering feel

MXsteerHiL: Experience, evaluate and calibrate steering systems and ADAS/AD in the early phase.


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With the future of assisted and automated driving, the requirements for testing and validating steering systems are increasing. Steering feel is of central importance here. This applies to classic “self-driving”, assisted and automated driving as well as to the transition from manual to automated driving. Regardless of whether conventional or steer-by-wire steering systems are used.

Due to the late and limited availability of prototypes and the insufficient simulation quality of the complex real steering feel during virtual development, difficulties regularly arise that are detected too late in the real vehicle. The result: high time and cost expenditures for troubleshooting. Experiencing the real steering feel for engineers and customers very early on is therefore key to an effective development of your steering systems and ADAS/AD functions. This builds a unique bridge between steering and ADAS/AD systems and functions.

As a result of many years of research and development in cooperation with the universities of Munich and Kempten, MXsteerHiL offers you a steering-in-the-loop solution for the development of vehicle dynamics and automated driving, which reproduces a uniquely realistic steering feel. To experience the real steering feel earlier, we offer you a unique tool for agile development. This enables you to achieve success more quickly when implementing your creative ideas in steering development. As a modular system, MXsteerHiL can be used flexibly from the HiL lab to the highly dynamic simulator and enables evaluation and calibration of steering systems and ADAS/AD functions already in the early phase of development.

Key facts for your success

  • Effective and agile development of steering and ADAS functions with real steering system
  • Experience of the authentic steering feel for engineers and customers on driving simulator and in labs
  • Enables consistent subjective and objective evaluation in the virtual environment
  • Early calibration in a virtual environment
  • Modular steering system test bench for your individual needs
  • Plug & Play: Easy handling for highest efficiency
  • Compatible with the automated evaluation software MXeval and all common development tools

Key applications: MXsteerHiL is optimized and proven for the following test environments, applications and development tasks:

Manual driving

  • Steering-in-the-Loop / HiL-Testing on test rigs
  • Driver-in-the-loop on static and dynamic driving simulators
  • Subjective evaluation of „real“ steering feel
  • Functional development, test and calibration of steering functions
  • Steering characterization
  • Riskless testing of Fail-safe behavior

Assisted & Automated Driving

  • Steering-in-the-Loop / Integration HiL-Testing on test rigs
  • Driver-in-the-loop on static and dynamic driving simulators
  • Subjective evaluation of „real“ steering feel with lateral (edge & center) guidance
  • Functional development, test and calibration of ADAS/AD functions
  • Hand-over scenarios
  • Riskless testing of Fail-safe behavior

Configure your solution!

Thanks to the modular MXsteerHiL kit system, a holistic Steering-in-the-Loop test bench can be individually assembled according to the needs of your goals with maximum productivity. Whether compact and powerful in the lab or for high-performance testing in a dynamic driving simulator, we have the key solutions tailored for your success. Compact, powerful, expandable at any time and simply realistic.


MXsteerAct: Impressions

MXsteerCon: Smart brain for real steering feel

The intelligent, model-based control and the range of functions guarantee a realistic steering feel in real time.

  • Interface to customer’s real-time system, like dSpace, NI, Concorrent, IPG, Vector, etc.
  • Communication interface for signal access and remote control
  • Power supply of 400V with 16A
  • Simple 19 inch rack or standalone case
  • Alternative features of the MXsteer Act top on request
  • Functions for mounting, measuring, testing, driving and diagnostics

MXsteerAct top: Sensitive powerhouse for the HiL lab

The steerAct top base module can be used for any driving maneuver due to its rigid design. Simply relocate your test drives next to your desk.

  • Static force up to 8kN
  • Max. Force transmission of 16kN
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 1100mm x 200mm x 250mm
  • Weight of approx. 80 kg
  • Integrated clamping field to accommodate steering systems (top)
  • maximum velocity of +-330mm/s, corresponds to steering wheel angular speed 2300°/s

MXsteerAct front: Lean specialist for simulators

The MXsteerAct front base module was developed with a focus on lightweight construction. Its low weight makes it ideal for use on moving simulation platforms.

  • Static force up to 6kN
  • Max. force transmission of 8kN
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 890mm x 240mm x 170mm
  • Weight of approx. 25 kg
  • Universal clamping plate for the integration of steering systems (front)
  • maximum velocity of +-330mm/s, corresponds to steering wheel angular speed 2300°/s

Performance characteristics

  • Objective and subjective evaluation of your steering and ADAS/AD systems
  • Versatile use on static, dynamic simulators and in the lab
  • Precise steering wheel torque in the high and low frequency range
  • Integratable steering systems: C-EPS, P-EPS and R-EPS
  • Integration of customer-specific ECU models and residual bus simulation possible
  • Simplified and complex steering support modeling
  • Automated test procedures
  • Integration with all common vehicle dynamics simulations, HiL systems and driving simulators

MXsteerAct: In action

Our service

Our competent team provides a holistic HiL setup and professional commissioning. For an all-round carefree start!

  • Customized mechanical design and manufacture of connections and adapters for implementation
  • Integration of the MXsteerAct in the chassis of the real vehicle
  • Setup of the communication and controller of the MXsteerAct
  • Setup of the test HiL system
  • Joint execution of the first closed-loop tests
  • Optimisation of the controller
  • Setup of customer-specific tests and evaluations
  • Validation of the entire system in road or test bench trials

Convince yourself

Contact us now and test our systems free of charge and without obligation. Move your test drives from the road to your office and convince yourself of our performance:

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