Feel the diverse world of vibrations

Real-time capable bearing model for evaluating ride comfort, handling and NVH

MXmountmodel: Most accurate model for elastomeric and hydraulic mounts on the market

Be it for the evaluation of ride comfort and handling or of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH):  MXmount is the perfect model. With simulation capability of a wide frequency range from 0.1 to 200 Hz and coverage of the mount behavior’s amplitude dependency, MXmountmodel in combination with ADAMS significantly enhances the precision of multibody simulation without any loss in simulation speed. In addition, the automated parameterization with MXmountdesigner accelerates the entire development process.

MXmountmodel – Benchmark analysis and property generation

Consistent design of elastomer/hydro mount and analysis of respective benchmark designs as well as generation of properties for ADAMS.

Key Facts of MXmountmodel

  • Amplitude- and frequency-dependent behavior for higher accuracy in driving comfort, durability
  • High simulation speed
  • Physical model parameters/ fast and robust parameter identification
  • Simulation in time and frequency domain (road induced vibration/ PWT induced vibration)

Faster, more convenient, simpler with MXmountmodel

Higher speed and enhanced convenience compared to ADAMS standard tools. The parameter identification process is comparatively easy as well. MXmountmodel operates with conventional input parameters – ideally with physical significance.