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MdynamiX celebrates a decade of innovation and technology transfer

Benningen, 29.04.2024 – MdynamiX, an innovative vehicle development company, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Founded as a start-up in 2014 by the four professors Peter Pfeffer, Bernhard Schick, Markus Krug and Stefan Sentpali, MdynamiX is dedicated to innovation in vehicle development. Thanks to its proximity to the Munich and Kempten Universities of Applied Sciences, MdynamiX is at the source of the latest research results.

MdynamiX was born out of the idea of rapidly transferring research results into innovative development tools and incorporating these into the processes of the vehicle industry using new methods. The core competencies of the globally active company cover vehicle dynamics, steering, automated driving, acoustics and knowledge transfer.

MdynamiX is dedicated to improving the driving experience by analyzing the interaction between driver and vehicle. The aim is to optimize vehicle interfaces so that they are intuitive and user-friendly, thus achieving a more optimal driving experience. The approach focuses on understanding the needs and behavior of users and developing technological solutions based on this. For a decade, MdynamiX has been empowering the automotive industry to develop more efficiently and optimize the driving experience with advanced testing methods and specially developed test benches.

“We are proud of what we have achieved over the last ten years,” says Peter Pfeffer, one of the three CEOs of MdynamiX. “Our goal has always been to be a bridge between research and industry and we have achieved that.”

As an affiliated institute of Munich University of Applied Sciences and a research partner of Kempten University of Applied Sciences, MdynamiX benefits from the latest research findings. In addition, this combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application is particularly evident in the MXacademy – the internal training institution run by engineers for engineers. “Our training program addresses the need to build up expertise resulting from constantly evolving technologies and methods. We attach great importance to practical content in our training courses. This enables our participants to transfer their knowledge to their everyday project work during the training,” says Markus Krug, CEO of MdynamiX.

MdynamiX, which bears the characteristic “M” of its parent institution in its name, has expanded its presence in the Allgäu region by establishing a second location. The new headquarters in Benningen, near Allgäu Airport, was opened in 2023. The site, a former Bundeswehr shelter, serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and the development of innovations.

The celebrations for the tenth anniversary of MdynamiX took place at the headquarters in Benningen and provided an opportunity to look back on the company’s successes and also to take a look at the future of the automotive industries and the role of MdynamiX in it. “The technological challenges in the changing automotive industry are enormous. We are facing an exciting time in which we must continuously adapt and innovate. We are not running out of tasks; on the contrary, we are very challenged. But we take on these challenges with joy and enthusiasm. Our passion lies in solving the problems of the future and shaping the mobility of tomorrow,” says MdynamiX CEO Bernhard Schick.

Image material: The four founding members of MdynamiX AG, Prof. Dr. Peter E. Pfeffer (CEO), Prof. Dr. Markus Krug (CEO), Prof. Bernhard Schick (CEO) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Sentpali (Chairman of the Supervisory Board) (from left to right)
Picture credits: MdynamiX AG