Practical Seminar Steer + Feel

‘Hands on’ – the practical seminar Steer + Feel explores the customer-oriented evaluation of the steering feel and how steering behavior can be developed using attribute-based development.

On the first day, you will evaluate the steering feel in various vehicles and driving situations based on your subjective perception.

On the second day, you will experience how customer desire can be turned into customer satisfaction on the basis of engineering methods for optimizing steering behavior.

Practical Seminar Steer + Feel

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Location: Institute for Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility, University of Applied Science Kempten,
Junkersstraße 1A, 87734 Benningen
Language: English


Programm Steer + Feel

Day 1 Customer-oriented vehicle tests on public road |
Subjective evaluation according to common criteria
morning – Introduction
– Development of steering characteristics for a good steering feel
– Driving maneuvers catalog and subjective assessment of steering feel
– App supported subjective evaluation with MXevalAPP
– Driving session and assessment 1
afternoon – Driving session and assessment 2
– Driving session and assessment 3
– Exchange and discussion on subjective assessment
Day 2 Transferability of engineering methods |
Testing on Proving Ground |
Virtual Testing
morning – Objectifying subjective assessments criteria
– Development process
– Characterization tests for steering systems
– With Steer-by-Wire to new steering functions
afternoon Virtual development methods:

1. Dynamic Driving Simulator
2. Static Driving Simulator
3. Force Feedback Steering Actuator
4. Simulation Process

Development process at Proving Ground

1. Slalom
2. Lane Change

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