Simulate steering behavior with utmost precision

Pfeffer MXsteeringmodel: For precise simulation of steering feel

Real-time-capable 3-DOF model, usable down to component level

For a fast and validated development process, precise simulation of steering feel is indispensable. With the Pfeffer MXsteeringmodel, hydraulic and electromechanical steering systems (C-EPS, P-EPS and R-EPS) can be simulated. The real-time-capable model with three degrees of freedom provides comprehensive findings about steering feel in the high- and low-frequency ranges with diverse friction, stiffness and damping parameters down to component level. Steering wheel torque is determined with utmost precision, which is essential for the development and optimization of steering feel.

Simulation and analysis of steering feel of hydraulic and electromechanical steering systems.

Datenauswertung Pfeffer MXsteeringmodel

Key Facts

  • EPS and HPS systems
  • Enables integration of customer-specific ECU models
  • Physical modeling of mechanical components
  • Allows for simplified and complex modeling of steering assistance
  • Simulink-based S function

The Pfeffer MXsteeringmodel is natively integrated in various vehicle models such as IPG CarMaker and dSPACE ASM where it may be used without additional licensing.