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A driving experience – thrilling and appealing to all the senses

Personal mobility is a basic human need – and, as such, the reason behind the close emotional bond between humans and their vehicles. Now the automobile is in a stage of massive transformation: morphing from a means of transportation with lifestyle characteristics into a private sphere for working and living, a connected, flexible and comfortable mobility medium, a place of personal wellbeing, and one that is to continue to provide an enjoyable driving and riding experience, going forward. With steering feel & dynamics, comfort and sound designed to be characteristic of the brand and model we offer our customers effective solutions for increasingly assisted and electric driving.

Increasingly assisted and electric – and fully automated in the future. Humans and machines have to communicate and interact in perfect harmony more than ever before: externally, internally, acoustically and in terms of haptics. Feedback, confidence, a sense of safety and responses that are predictable at all times: with our forward-thinking Solutions, we enable you to create unique driving experiences that will thrill people!

Mission - Im Mittelpunkt der Mensch

Our central focus is on humans …with their emotional needs and expectations of an all-encompassing sensual driving experience: feeling, hearing, seeing. Perfect harmony between the vehicle and its occupants is our top priority, inspiring in those who drive and those being driven a comfortable sense of safety and relaxation. With the exciting challenges of the future in mind and as a resourceful partner with fresh ideas, we’re set to effectively and efficiently enable the development of vehicles that provide an impressive driving and riding experience.

Our aim is to quickly transfer the latest knowledge, methods and tools into innovative, value-driven and thus successful applications of our customers – for vehicles that thrill people.


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Agile and dynamic, effective and reliable – the best of two worlds

MdynamiX is a young, international and globally connected team. Acting in line with “Think big, act small!” we leverage expertise and passion to transform our wealth of ideas into Solutions for complex challenges: dynamically agile, methodically effective and sustainably reliable.

We are MdyanmiX

A pool of some 60 specialists

in vehicle and control engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, software engineering, industrial engineering, product development and psychology covers the entire range of our fields of expertise as an interdisciplinary team for you.

At our Munich location, we work on leading-edge solutions for Vehicle Dynamics and Comfort, Acoustics and NVH technology. At our headquarters in Benningen we are your expert development partner for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving.

MdynamiX Profil

As an affiliated institute of Munich University of Applied Sciences, MdynamiX has been active as a scientific innovation partner of the automotive industry since 2014: as a customer, you benefit from our access to the entire know-how and research facilities of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Munich and Kempten. MdynamiX closes the gap between academia and industry. By ensuring a lossless transfer of invention into innovation we contribute to the advancement of the economy and society at large.

MdynamiX Profil

Our vision: humans and vehicles in perfect harmony


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MdynamiX AG
Shelter 16 | Junkersstr. 4 | 87734 Benningen | Germany

Additional Offices:
Hessstrasse 89 | 80797 Munich | Germany

Tel.: +49 89 55 05 99 06
Fax: +49 89 55 05 99 08
E-Mail: info@mdynamix.de

You’d like to develop vehicles that will thrill your customers and appeal to all their senses? Then get in touch with us now! Get a first-hand impression of our agility, our products and solutions incorporating a wealth of ideas and our efficient ability to turn them into reality!

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