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MXeval NEW RELEASE 5.0: Precise Parking

MXeval now finally enables to determine who is better in parking – women or men – or the machine? Find out for yourself with the new Park Assist library. The corresponding subjective questionnaire is uploaded on your tablet in seconds with the redesigned MXevalApp Manager.

Feature and Library Updates

The latest update of the MXeval software contains major feature updates and bug fixes, as well as updates to the evaluation libraries.

This release update does requires an update of your license file.
Required license version: 5.0
Please contact licensing@mdynamix.de if you have a valid support contract to request an updated license file.


Feature Updates


Park Assist Library

The new Park Assist library of MXeval enables the evaluation of lateral and longitudinal parking scenarios. This toolbox also comes along with a new Ground Truth toolbox which is specifically designed for calculating parking distances from GNSS and environment object data.



MXevalApp Manager

The MXevalApp Manager has been released since MXeval V4.1. This Release now includes a totally newly designed version which can also be used standalone. It now handles the management of config and report data, the installation of the MXevalApp as well as the device registrations via the already known QR code approach. Additionally, the new MXevalApp Manager contains a Windows Version (View mode) of the MXevalApp itself.







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