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Test person study on fully automated parking assistants at IFM successfully completed

In March 2022, numerous test persons had the chance to participate in a test person study on the topic of

“Comparison and evaluation of fully automated parking assistants of different car manufacturers”

at the IFM (Institute for Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility) in Benningen. For the study, the participants represent normal customers who would also resort to using the parking assistant in everyday life.

The participants were provided with four different mid-range and luxury class vehicles with which they were to perform six different parking maneuvers. These maneuvers represented everyday parking situations as far as possible and had to be completed with the fully automated parking assistant. The test subjects were able to perform the parking maneuvers in a safe and quiet environment in a private parking lot that had been cordoned off for this purpose.

The aim of the study was to collect the subjects’ subjective impressions and evaluations of fully automated parking assistants during various parking maneuvers. The results of the study are to be incorporated into future development and contribute to the improvement of fully automated parking assistants.