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5 reasons why you need the MXsteerHiL for your steering development

For vehicle engineers, experiencing steering feel is essential for evaluation. Imagine being able to experience, evaluate and apply this steering feel much earlier in the development phase and without a vehicle. With the MXsteerHiL you experience the real steering feel at an early stage at your desk or in the lab and not – as usual – only in the prototype vehicle. The differences in steering feel can be measured and calibrated with the MXsteerHiL. Especially in automated driving, the MXsteerHiL allows you to enter development with a high degree of maturity. Sounds unimaginable? It isn’t. Because that is our promise – backed by many years of expert knowledge – behind the MXsteerHiL. Convince yourself. Here are the pertinent reasons why you should use our system:

First. A variety of professional directions benefit from this tool. The MXsteerHiL helps to achieve the perfect steering feel. For application engineers in particular, it is of great importance to always have access to a test bench in order to be able to test new ideas immediately and on the spot. For function developers too, the MXsteerHiL offers great opportunities not to “bypass” the customer, but to harmonize the development of the hardware with the desired experience in a concrete and targeted way. This also makes it easy to tune the steering, not least for the developer of ADAS/AD systems. Our own experience and that of our customers show a wide range of applications for operators of driving simulators. Especially in simulation, this steering force module is an enormous asset for testing, validating and calibrating steering systems. Simulators already in operation can easily be extended with MXsteerHiL to make the simulation experience even more realistic.

Second. Through a modular design, you acquire a product that can be subsequently adapted for new steering or vehicle projects, other priorities and state-of-the-art products, such as steer-by-wire. You can also convert MXsteerHiL into a static driving simulator or – if you already have a dynamic driving simulator – add a realistic vehicle environment as an add-on. They are so modular and flexible that you hardly need to switch between simulative measurement and feel. And on top of that, they save valuable workshop or office space, as the MXsteerHiL can be disassembled into the individual modules and stored in the office cupboard or workshop niche to save space.

Third. It is hard to imagine a cheaper and more flawless representation of reality. No cost-intensive prototype is required and there is no longer any need to struggle with insufficiently good representation of the steering in simulation models. This not only saves money, but also time. Because you recognize real problems in virtual development earlier than ever.

Fourth. Ideal for use in vehicle models, such as CarMaker, ASM or in-house models, because the MXsteerHiL is compatible with all common real-time computers. A significant advantage because the MXsteerHiL can be easily integrated into the existing real-time simulation system.

Fifth. The most convincing argument might be the treasure trove of experience and knowledge in the manufacturer’s field of application. Through our know-how we have managed to bring this feeling of driving pleasure from the road to the test bench and into the simulator. The experience of MdynamiX in the fields of vehicle dynamics and simulation as well as the close and long-standing cooperation with the universities of Munich and Kempten and the major companies in the industries are the basis of this high-performance mini-steering test bench.

Our competent team will help you find the right configured solution. We support you from the initial consultation to beyond the commissioning. We are in personal contact with you and take care of your individual needs and wishes so you get exactly what you need for your development.