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Halfway through the Interreg-Project ‘Steer-by-Wire with magnetorheological feedback Aatuator’ in the Bavaria-Austria border region.

Increasing innovation and sustainability outside metropolitan areas

Munich, Germany. Since one year MdynamiX is working together with the University of Applied Sciences Munich and two other SMEs on a project which is of special interest for the economic structures of Bavaria and Austria. The Austrian companies INVENTUS Development GmbH and STIWA Advanced Products GmbH and the two Bavarian partners have dedicated themselves to the topic “Steer-by-Wire with magnetorheological feedback actuators”. The two-year project, which is supported by Interreg Bavaria-Austria, has now reached the halfway point.

The main objective of the project is to increase the innovative capacity and sustainability in the program area by using the developed MR-technology. The focus is on the technological qualification of SMEs. In this technology project, a magnetorheological (MR) brake is connected in parallel to the electric motor, allowing the electric motor to be significantly smaller. This improves control quality, saves energy, weight and costs, and reduces resource requirements. The megatrend of automated driving requires new steering technology. Steer-by-wire (SbW) steering systems will replace conventional steering systems in new vehicles. These SbW require a feedback actuator to provide haptic feedback to the driver.

The INTERREG VI-A Program Germany/Bavaria – Austria 2021 – 2027 is one of 73 cross-border funding programs within the European Territorial Cooperation (INTERREG) and part of the European Cohesion Policy.