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MdynamiX opens headquarters in Benningen, Bavaria

BENNINGEN, Bavaria – MdynamiX AG, known for innovative solutions for complex research and development tasks in the automotive industry, today officially opened its new headquarters in Benningen with about 20 new jobs.

The new headquarters is located in a former Bundeswehr shelter, Shelter 16, which will now become the headquarters of MdynamiX. This step underlines the continuous growth and expansion of MdynamiX. MdynamiX AG, which was founded in 2014 as an affiliated institute of Munich University of Applied Sciences with its first branch in the Bavarian capital, has chosen a special location for its new headquarters.

In the Benningen Innovation Park, close to Allgäu Airport, in the vicinity of the Institute for Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility (IFM) at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, FAKT Motion and its test site, Continental and other companies from the industry. “We are thrilled to open our new headquarters in Benningen,” say the three CEOs of MdynamiX AG, Prof. Markus Krug, Prof. Peter Pfeffer and Prof. Bernhard Schick, in unison, adding “This move is an important milestone in our company’s history and we look forward to further expanding our presence in Bavaria.”

The opening of the new headquarters is a sign of MdynamiX’s commitment to strengthening its position as an innovative company in the automotive industry. The investment sum for the aircraft hangar and the 7600 square metre site amounted to 1.2 million euros. The new location will enable MdynamiX to further expand its business activities, particularly in the areas of autonomous driving and testing services.

Around 120 guests from the industry, local politics and associations attended the official opening of the new headquarters. During the event, the District Administrator of Unterallgäu, Alex Eder, and the First Mayor of Benningen, Martin Osterrieder, gave welcoming speeches. Heinrich Schneider, former Commodore and Colonel of the German Air Force, gave the guests an insight into the history of the site and shared anecdotes from the time when the site was still used for military purposes.

Over the past ten years, MdynamiX has developed into a leading service provider for innovative and complex research and development issues in the automotive industry and plans to continue its success story. Looking ahead to its 10th anniversary next spring and to the future, MdynamiX plans to further expand its research and development capabilities and strengthen its presence in the global market.