Evaluate and develop vehicle performance with efficiency

MXeval: For supporting a robust subjective/objective evaluation process

Consistent analysis of driving maneuvers using key performance indicators

Driving and evaluating is fun, but increasingly shorter development processes require robustness and efficiency. MXeval supports subjective evaluations through objective analysis of measurement and simulation data and thus offers measurable results in benchmarking comparisons with competitors.

In addition, applicators/calibrators are able to directly cross-check their subjective onboard impressions with the key performance indicators in online mode and thus optimize the tuning of steering feel or automated driving functions. Improvements compared to a previous state can be documented fast and easily by means of the integrated report generator.

  • User-friendly framework for data analysis
  • Proven test catalog for vehicle dynamics and ADAS
  • Visualization in charts and diagrams
  • Extensive KPI library expandable via embedded Matlab
  • Automated report generator
  • Custom preprocessing based on Matlab

Direct onboard analyses of vehicle dynamics or ADAS in online mode thanks to fast algorithms and user-friendly GUI.

Personen am PC - MXopensteering

Due to interfaces, MXeval can be used in diverse environments such as CarMaker, Matlab as DLL and stand-alone. For database linking, KPIs can be exported as mat. and csv. The implemented libraries, filters and channel configurations ensure the required simplicity of MXeval, but may be extended as needed by embedded Matlab scripts without requiring a Matlab license.

Matthias Niegl
Matthias Niegl
Engineer Vehicle Dynamics
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