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Annual review: this is what moved MdynamiX in 2019

Munich/Kempten. MdynamiX looks back on an exciting and eventful year 2019. The increased media presence in the regional and nationwide press, but also in trade magazines is an indication that both the location Munich and Kempten have developed positively. A brief review shows the highlights of the year.

In the first half of the year, the MdynamiX was pleased to receive two articles in the trade magazine ATZ. In February, the study of the University of Applied Sciences Kempten and MdynamiX on the topic of driving experience versus mental stress in assisted lateral control was published. This was followed in April by the study on the Attribute-based Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which was carried out in cooperation with Porsche AG.

Goodbye, blind spot was the motto in June. The publication of the customer acceptance study in cooperation with the automotive supplier Gentex generated special attention for the digital rearview mirror. It was reported in the evening show of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, but also in leading online and offline magazines of the industry, such as Automobil Produktion, Automobil Industrie, Electronic Automotive and Car-IT.

As a future-oriented employer, MdynamiX focuses on young developers with petrol in their blood. The magazine Elektronik NEO was also interested in this and published a company portrait in the November issue.

In December, engineers from the Laboratory for Acoustics and Dynamics at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich explained to WDR (West German Broadcasting Corporation) in a special podcast how to make electric cars sound. The newly developed method for sound design ensures greater safety in traffic and is attracting attention due to current discussions surrounding the EU regulation on the audibility of electric cars. For example, Deutschlandfunk Nova reported on the “Car noises of the future” and the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on “The humming from the laboratory”.

Throughout the year, MdynamiX was represented at international congresses and exhibitions such as the Chassis Tech and Acoustex in Munich, the HFES Annual Meeting in Nantes, the VDI conference “Tyres-Chassis-Roadway” in Hanover and a seminar in Shanghai with technical presentations.

With a preview to the roll-out of the new advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator at the Kempten site on March 5, 2020, MdynamiX can expand its research activities and shape the mobility of the future.

Media Report 2019