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Tyres – Chassis – Road: MdynamiX and Kempten University of Applied Sciences presented innovative developments at the VDI Conference

Hannover. Innovations and research activities in the development and design of tyres, chassis technology and road surfaces were presented at the traditional VDI conference “Tyre-chassis-road” on 16 and 17 October. Sebastian Keidler from the University of Kempten and Korbinian Thaler from MdynamiX AG were able to establish themselves as experts with their presentations.

Megatrends such as the connectivity of the automobile are creating a high pressure for innovation in tires and chassis. Many questions remain unanswered: What are the functional advantages of networking tires and chassis? Do controlled chassis make sense and is driving fun lost through automated driving? To what extent can tires and chassis be combined in simulations and what will be important for practical tire simulation models in the future?

The conference “Tyres – Chassis – Road” addressed these and many other questions. The spectrum of topics ranged from the development process of the future to special aspects such as emissions and Smart Road. Korbinian Thaler as expert of MdynamiX AG and Sebastian Keidler, scientific assistant at the partner location at the University of Kempten, opened new perspectives to the audience with their speeches.

On the first day of the event, Sebastian Keidler was able to impress the audience both professionally and personally with his presentation on “Objective evaluation methods of driver assistance systems on digital Ground Truth cards”. “The topic of road surveying is becoming more and more important. This is of course of enormous importance for my activities”, the young scientist describes.

With the development of the new map format Curved Regular Objects (CRO), the vehicle position and movement can be localised with centimetre precision. This information allows to determine the absolute 3D position of the vehicle and can be used to create highly accurate maps when measuring lanes. Keidler’s work contributes to the qualitative evaluation and further development of automated driving functions.

Electronics and software will also play a growing role in future chassis developments from automated to autonomous driving. As a scientific innovation partner to industry, MdynamiX AG develops methods and tools that represent an innovative and user-oriented solution for the customer.

Korbinian Thaler is a development engineer at the Munich location and presented an effective solution at the conference with his topic “Development of a multi-axial elastomer bushing test bench with hardware in the loop (HiL) capability”, which combines two elementary factors in measurement and vehicle technology.

On the one hand, complex load conditions can be simulated on a multi-axial test bench with the use of two linear and one rotary drives in order to carry out characterising measurements to determine the characteristic curves. On the other hand, Hardware in the Loop (HiL) tests can be carried out on the test bench to analyse the behaviour of the elastomer bushing in realistic conditions without having to rely on a test vehicle.

Thaler emphasizes the added value for customers: “By generating extensive knowledge on the test bench with regard to the behavior of the elastomer bushing, a good pre-selection can be made at component level with regard to the desired behavior“.