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MdynamiX continues supporting for VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge Vol. 2

The VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge competition at Munich University of Applied Sciences was first held on 13 March 2020. Teams of at least 2, but a maximum of 6 enrolled students competed in this competition with self-programmed vehicles to complete specified driving tasks.

MdynamiX’ Andreas Michels, Matthias Niegl and Tobias Kloos actively supported the event by providing the track and handling the timekeeping. A team of MdynamiX will also support the upcoming VDI Challenge, which is planned on October 9, 2020.

But also the participating students shall be supported by MdynamiX. MX is working on enabling the start of further teams with MXcarkits in both classes – CUP and SUPERCUP.

With these MXcarkits the students can start immediately! The necessary sensor technology, the control of the drive and the steering are already on board the vehicle. The computer unit, the Jetson Nano, is equipped with the Robot Operating Systems (ROS). A basic software based on ROS enables lane recognition and basic control of the vehicle. The teams can therefore focus on programming the driving maneuvers, further developing the software and optimizing the parameterization.

More information about the VDI ADC:

MXcarkits Specification