With a smile on one’s face

To drive and be driven

In automobiles where the occupants – whether still at the wheel or strictly as passengers – fuse into a harmonious unit with the vehicle in a way that appeals to all the senses. With steering feel & dynamics, comfort and sound designed to be characteristic of the brand and model.

Benefit from our solutions and develop vehicles that will carry people (away) into new worlds of automotive experience:

Driving Pleasure

Superb steering feel perfectly matched with overall driving dynamics: “Feel the fusion for (e)motion.” A new harmonious unit. Exuding ease and confidence. Thanks to predictable response. For relaxed driving pleasure.

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Comfort Experience

Chill out, relish the moment, make the best use of time: “Enjoy your relaxing lounge.” In the (partially) automated automobile, the new mobile living space. Adapted to the changed perception of the occupants and the ways in which they experience comfort.

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Sound Experience

Automotive sound that’s music to human ears: “Make the sound match the car.” Good, characteristic sound creates an emotional experience. And ensures perfect communication. Between humans and machines.

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