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Practical seminars STEER & FEEL and DRIVE & FEEL …. After a long break we start again

Driving, experiencing, discussing and interacting is the key to effective teaching of further education in vehicle technology. With this in mind, we are very pleased to be able to launch two practical seminars again in the period June 20 – 24, 2022. Specialists and managers will then again have the opportunity to bring themselves up to date with the latest technical developments in the areas of vehicle dynamics and driving comfort and to test many vehicles in practice.



The seminar illustrates the interrelationships of human perception, reaction and control systems by means of theoretical considerations and practical examples of implemented solutions. Exchange ideas with our experts on the design and relevance of vehicle dynamics and driving comfort and experience the different approaches at the steering wheel of the latest vehicle models from the perspective of your customer.

The optional first day of the seminar offers you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the functioning of a chassis, the forces involved and their effect as well as the interaction between tyres and wheel suspension and to experience it in a virtual driving test.



Designed for professionals and managers, this seminar aims to develop “the right steering feel”. Here, experts convey well-founded theory, which is complemented by impressive practice, and offer room for discussion and professional exchange.

Test steering characteristics regarding vehicle dynamics in our highly dynamic driving simulator as well as at the wheel of current vehicles under the guidance of experienced instructors. Learn to objectively evaluate your subjective impressions with the help of modern development tools and up-to-date simulation software.


The seminars offer you:

  • learning the criteria, manoeuvres and methods for developing and accessing vehicle characteristics from the perspective of customers and the specialized press
  • practicing a “property-based development process” through a professional assessment method
  • the performance of driving dynamics manoeuvres at the steering wheel of current vehicles under the guidance of experienced instructors
  • the practice of “virtual driving tests”
  • the treasure trove of experience of the instructors
  • the practical examples from everyday development work with a high degree of reference to reality
  • the exchange of experiences and deepening of newly gained knowledge with speakers and other participants


We look forward to seeing you!