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DRIVE & FEEL Practical Seminar – Fitness Training for Developers

Memmingen. The successful practical seminar series DRIVE & FEEL continues: In September 2019, the participants of the seminar, which was fully booked to the last place, were able to gain expert knowledge about vehicle dynamics and driving comfort. In theory and practice – in the seminar room, literally under the chassis and on suitable test tracks – the specialist knowledge was deepened.

As an important part of the seminar, the focus is on experiencing how human perception, reaction and control systems interact. Vehicle dynamics and driving comfort have always been important characteristics of a vehicle and brand DNA. The decisive factor here is the subjective experience of the driver and the passengers.

Also, in this practical seminar our participants themselves slipped into the role of the developer as well as into the role of the customer. And they experienced directly how human perception, reaction and control systems work together. There was plenty of opportunity for exciting discussions with our experts.

The strong combination of theory and driving practice inspires our participants once again. It cannot be denied that we are facing new challenges in terms of dynamics and comfort under the banner of FAS, autonomous driving, lightweight construction and e-mobility. The subject of vehicle dynamics and driving comfort is more exciting and demanding than ever. DRIVE & FEEL meets the engineering nerve of the time.

The next edition of DRIVE & FEEL is already in preparation. On 7th and 8th May 2020 time has come again – two full days practical seminar, a fleet of the latest vehicle models. Participants can already arrive one day earlier to acquire expert knowledge in a compact format: How does a chassis work? What are the effects of the intervening forces? How do tyres and suspension work together? How can a good result be achieved with virtualization?

Be curious what awaits you!