A training course in the field of vehicle E/E architecture

Vehicle mechatronics and function development

In this training, we offer you in-depth further training in the automotive sector, focussing on the complex interrelationships between vehicle mechatronics and function development.

Our experienced instructors will provide you with practical knowledge on the following topics:

  1. Vehicle mechatronics: Here you will learn about the interface between mechanics, electronics and IT. We cover the basics of vehicle systems, sensors, actuators and control units.
  2. Function development: You will learn how modern vehicle functions are developed. This includes topics such as driver assistance systems, engine control, air conditioning and infotainment.
  3. Diagnosis and troubleshooting: We teach you methods for efficiently diagnosing vehicle problems and show you possible solutions.
  4. Practical exercises: You will have the opportunity to put your knowledge directly into practice.

Our training is aimed at specialists from the automotive industry who want to deepen their knowledge and keep up to date with the latest technology.

Target Group

  • Mainly aimed at master craftsmen and technicians
  • Secondary focus on engineers

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of the interaction of mechatronic components with control unit software
  • Understanding the effects of the distribution of functionality in vehicle networks
  • Efficient diagnosis of software-based mechatronic systems

Training Content

  • Significance and influence of function development on mechatronic components
  • Functional chains and distribution of functions in a vehicle network
  • Impact of the vehicle architecture on function development
  • Methods for the efficient diagnosis of software-based mechatronic components
  • Several exercises in small groups

Key Facts

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Number of participants: by arrangement or up to 15 participants
  • Format: Presence, hybrid or online
  • Prerequisites: No prior knowledge is required
  • Costs: You will receive a detailed offer from us on request
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