Development of software for vehicle control units

The training “Development of software for vehicle control units” is an important training for engineers in the automotive industry, as it provides specialised knowledge and skills in the complex task of software development for vehicle control units.

In this training you will acquire basic knowledge of model-based software development. This is a modern method of software development that enables you to design and implement software at a higher level of abstraction.

You will also learn to formulate requirements and create corresponding test cases for the functionality implemented in the software. This is an important aspect of software quality assurance and helps you to ensure that your software performs the desired functions correctly and reliably.

In addition, you will acquire the ability to estimate the effort required to develop vehicle software. This is an important skill that will help you to create realistic time and resource plans for your software projects.

Finally, you will acquire knowledge of the interaction between E/E architecture and control unit software. This will give you a deeper understanding of how the different components of a vehicle work together to achieve the desired functionality.

This training provides you with a thorough introduction to the development of software for vehicle control units and prepares you to use these important tools effectively in your work in the automotive industry. It is essential and valuable training for any automotive engineer.

Target Group

  • Specialists with tasks in the areas of development, workshops or test bench

Learning Objectives

  • Basic knowledge of model-based software development
  • Knowledge of how to formulate requirements and associated test cases for the functionality implemented in software
  • Knowledge of estimating the effort involved in vehicle software development
  • Knowledge of the interaction of E/E architecture and control unit software

Training Content

  • Capturing requirements and formulating them with the help of record templates
  • Creating a logical and technical architecture
  • Programming methods and designing a software architecture
  • Fundamentals of model-based software development
  • Case study: Shunting assistant

Key Facts

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Number of participants: by arrangement or up to 15 participants
  • Format: Presence, hybrid or online
  • Prerequisites:
    • Attendance of the training course ‘Introduction to Vehicle Functional Software’ and ‘E/E Architecture and Autosar’ or comparable knowledge recommended
    • Matlab/Simulink installation on the participants’ computer
  • Costs: You will receive a detailed offer from us on request
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