Automatic code generation with Matlab/Simulink



The training course “Automatic code generation with Matlab/Simulink” is of great importance for you as an engineer in the automotive industry. Matlab and Simulink are powerful software tools that are widely used in the automotive industry to model and simulate complex systems and generate code automatically.

In this training you will learn how to create Matlab/Simulink programmes that can be used for automatic code generation. This is an important aspect of software development in the automotive industry as it allows you to work more efficiently and reduce errors that can occur with manual programming.

You will also learn how to adapt your Matlab/Simulink programs to your specific requirements through customised programming. This gives you the flexibility to design your programmes to best suit your projects.

You will also learn how to integrate your Matlab/Simulink programmes into existing functional frameworks. This is an important step to ensure that your programmes work seamlessly with other parts of your project.

Overall, this course provides you with a comprehensive introduction to automatic code generation with Matlab/Simulink and prepares you to use these powerful tools effectively in your work in the automotive industry. It is valuable and essential training for any engineer in the automotive industry.

Target Group

  • Specialists with tasks in the field of vehicle development

Learning Objectives

  • Development of Matlab/Simulink programs for automatic code generation
  • Individual adaptations
  • Integration into existing functional frameworks

Training Contents

  • Sensible design of Matlab/Simulink programs for automatic code generation
  • Connection to existing functional scopes
  • Development of own function blocks for automatic code generation
  • Several case studies from the field of vehicle dynamics and automated driving functions

Key Facts

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Number of participants: by arrangement or up to 15 participants
  • Format: Presence, hybrid or online
  • Prerequisites:
    • Familiarity with Matlab/Simulink is required
    • A second computer monitor is recommended in online format
    • Matlab/Simulink installation on the participants’ computer
    • Availability of the Toolbox Embedded Coder
  • Costs: You will receive a detailed offer from us on request
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