MX Traffic Light System


A VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge certified key component in Connected Drive Scenarios

The MX Traffic Light System was developed to be able to build and test Connected Drive scenarios in a flexible and realistic format. Therefore, immense importance was attached to the highest possible flexibility and modularity from the very beginning. The result is a connected 4-sided traffic light that is suitable for test sites on a scale of 1:8 to 1:10.

Two signal lights on opposite sides show a 3-color signal light on the one hand and a 2-color signal light on the other. This makes it possible to present almost all intersection scenarios with signal systems.

The control is done via a web application, which allows to set any display patterns. In addition, the brightness of the display can be adjusted for each traffic light color individually and according to the particular conditions.

Another highlight of the MX Traffic Light System is that information about the current and future traffic light display can be communicated via Bluetooth. This means that the information is also available to the test vehicles and other infrastructure that is being used. In this way the MX Traffic Light System is the first and therefore also unique system to develop and test complex Connected Car scenarios. The data structure used is completely transparent and open. This allows the user the flexible integration into his test environment and the development of own extensions.

One extension available from MdynamiX is the interconnection of several MX Traffic Light Systems. This allows the realization of complex road scenarios that relate multiple intersections to each other.

The flexible use of the MX Traffic Light system also includes the longest possible operating time without having to recharge the built-in battery. To achieve this, powerful battery and energy-efficient electronics were installed. This combination allows an average operating time of about 10h. The charging process can be done with a standard smartphone charger or a powerpack. During the charging process, the MX Traffic Light System remains fully functional.