Basics power electronics

Power electronics is an essential aspect of the electric drivetrain. Our basic training provides engineers with the latest knowledge and skills in the development and production of electric vehicles.

Does this appeal to you? Our training will give you the knowledge and skills to understand and develop power electronic systems.

You will learn about the components of power electronics, including transistors, diodes and capacitors, and how they are used in typical circuits. We also cover the typical power electronics circuits, such as inverters, rectifiers and choppers, and explain their functions and applications. Another important aspect is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in power electronics. You will learn how to minimize interference and meet EMC requirements. Finally, we offer an introduction to circuit simulation. You will learn how to model and simulate circuits in order to analyze and optimize their performance.

Participants in the basic understanding of power electronics will learn about the different types of electrical machines, the control of electrical machines, the structure of on-board networks and the safety regulations when dealing with electrical drives. The compact module structure makes it possible to build up this foundation in two days online, hybrid or face-to-face.

Target Group

  • Specialists with tasks in the areas of vehicle development, workshops or test benches
  • Managers and team leaders to deepen assessment and decision-making skills

Learning Objectives

  • Components of power electronics
  • Typical circuits
  • EMC in power electronics
  • Simulation of circuits

Training Content

  • Design and operation of MOSFETs, IGBTs, thyristors and power capacitors
  • Rectifier and inverter circuits, frequency converters and switching power supplies
  • Developing your own electronic circuit with the help of simulation programs
  • Several case studies on the simulation of electronic circuits

Key Facts

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Number of participants: by arrangement or up to 15 participants
  • Format: Presence, hybrid or online
  • Prerequisites:
    • Attendance of the ‘Fundamentals of Electronics’ training course or comparable prior knowledge
    • Possibility of installing the freely available program LTSpice
  • Costs: You will receive a detailed offer from us on request
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