Make the sound match the car.

Unique sound experience design for the senses

Sound mit Emotion für das perfekte Fahrerlebnis

Automotive sound that’s music to human ears: “Make the sound match the car.” Good, characteristic sound creates an emotional experience. And ensures perfect communication. Between humans and machines.

The way something “sounds” or “should sound” is a sociological learning experience. Typically associated with IC engines in the case of automobiles. An expectation that many electric vehicles don’t meet. The human-machine communication is dysfunctional in this case.

Our solutions for designing authentic sound matching the car’s character specifically for electric vehicles are based on decades of industry-related research and development in diverse areas of technical acoustics, especially in vehicle acoustics.

Mdynamix Solutions - Sound Experience

In harmony with look and feel - Creating a brand-specific, sensually compelling sound quality is our motivation and commitment in the age of electric mobility.

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Newly created, not imitated
This is our maxim for actively designing the sound of the future. Pleasing to the ear, without interfering noise and with an inherent signal effect.

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MdynamiX Solutions - Sound Experience

R&D for NVH and Active Sound

Our full range of coordinated methods and products ensures consistency in your development and delivers results you can use early on.