Make the sound match the car.

Unique sound experience design for the senses

Sound with emotion for the perfect driving experience

Automotive sound that’s music to human ears: “Make the sound match the car.” Good, characteristic sound creates an emotional experience. And ensures perfect communication. Between humans and machines.

The way something “sounds” or “should sound” is a sociological learning experience. Typically associated with IC engines in the case of automobiles. An expectation that many electric vehicles don’t meet. The human-machine communication is dysfunctional in this case.

Our solutions for designing authentic sound matching the car’s character specifically for electric vehicles are based on decades of industry-related research and development in diverse areas of technical acoustics, especially in vehicle acoustics.

In harmony with look and feel – Creating a brand-specific, sensually compelling sound quality is our motivation and commitment in the age of electric mobility.

Due to the shift from IC engines to electric motors, the brand-specific powertrain sound is lost as well as its inherent signal effect. Consequently, the human-machine communication is severely impaired. Therefore, especially for “silent” electric vehicles, sound must be created so that synesthesia, i.e. the linking of the perception of different senses, is restored. This means that for the customer, sound must be in harmony with the haptic and visual design of the vehicle. People want to be impressed and “sold” with all their senses and the human-machine interface has to perfectly function in the electric age, too.

In this context, we not only design sound that pleases the ear but also generate anti-noise for active noise cancellation of undesirable or disturbing noise.

In all areas of sound design, we offer you complete solutions: including measurements, evaluations and software engineering in the field of Active Sound Generation. For individual objectives of your specific sound design, we will perform respective benchmark analyses for you. In the area of vehicle vibrations, we offer research and development services as well. The development of active controllers for electric motors rounds out our extensive portfolio.

Newly created, not imitated
This is our maxim for actively designing the sound of the future. Pleasing to the ear, without interfering noise and with an inherent signal effect.

Our knowledge is based on decades of industry-related research and development in a wide range of technical acoustics. Due to our expertise in vehicle acoustics, we are equally familiar with the requirements of the OEM and supplier levels as with user expectations. That is why you can rely on us to provide you with the right solution for the design of a sound that is authentic and matches the character of the vehicle.

R&D for NVH and Active Sound

Our full range of coordinated methods and products ensures consistency in your development and delivers results you can use early on.