Feel the fusion for (e)motion.

Driving pleasure with high class steering feeling

Vehicle and driver in perfect harmony

Superb steering feel perfectly matched with overall driving dynamics: “Feel the fusion for (e)motion.” A new harmonious unit. Exuding ease and confidence. Thanks to predictable response. For relaxed driving pleasure.

The higher the integration level the greater the degree of harmonious perfection: this statement is particularly relevant when control is shared by driver and vehicle.

Our solutions for the new dimension of “driving and being driven” are based on more than 20 years of development and testing experience in vehicle dynamics. In test driving, on the test bench and in simulation.

Unique and brand-specific – That’s how the bond between the car and driver should be, also in the age of automated driving. Achieving tangible driving pleasure is our motivation and commitment.

Our methods and products are perfectly coordinated, which ensures a consistent development process. Whether in MIL/SIL simulation, on the HIL systems test bench, on the driving simulator or in test driving: as a customer you will always obtain comparable evaluations at the earliest possible stage. For this purpose, we have established a tiered model of interlinked evaluation criteria. They encompass subjective customer and expert evaluations as well as objective key performance indicators (KPIs). A high level of automation and ease of use enables you to make the right decision at any stage of your project. This in turn gives you the freedom to focus on your key task: the development of cars people love. Since progress never stops, it also keeps inspiring and driving us anew. That’s why we continuously develop our methods to new levels together with our research partners and customers: in keeping with the maxim that greater effectiveness creates greater efficiency.

Subjective experience, objective execution
Guided by this maxim, we untiringly work on transforming subjective driving experiences into objective performance indicators.

Our goal is to translate subjective experiences of drivers and passengers into objective key performance indicators (KPIs) and to continuously develop test methods for handling and ride comfort to new levels. They allow for characteristics that are typical of a brand or model, i.e. a vehicle’s DNA, to be defined and the project’s objectives to be validated at any stage of the development: from simulation to the driving simulator and test bench trials all the way to test driving. To enable our customers to make early and appropriate development decisions, we strive to shift subjective evaluation into simulation as well.

Consistent and usable early on

Uniquely combined and coordinated, our methods and products ensure consistency in your development and deliver results you can use early on.