Implement your own software on steering systems

MXsteeringcontrolkit: For testing of software on OEM steering systems and steering system prototypes

Efficient development platform for Electric Power Assisted Steering Systems (EPS)

The MXsteeringcontrolkit provides you with access to existing steering systems for testing your own software ideas via a high-level interface which, depending on the steering system, typically encompasses read (torsion bar torque, rotor position, rotor angle speed, phase currents) and write access (torque of the EPS motor). You can implement your algorithms directly in Simulink on a real-time platform (typically dSpace MABXII).

A power-electronics platform inserted between the real-time hardware and the steering system will convert the EPS motor torque query calculated by your software into power signals for the three phases of the EPS motor. As a result, the motor can be controlled with discretionary signals within the scope of its capacity.

  • Interface between the steering system and your software realized as a Simulink model
  • Rapid prototyping architecture supports accelerated development
  • Includes power-electronics platform

Testing of software (steering functions, control strategies, ADAS, AD) on OEM steering systems or steering system prototypes (e.g. including SbW) to which otherwise no or only limited access is possible.

Personen am PC - MXopensteering

Thanks to the rapid prototyping architecture of the platform you can test your software and ideas with ease and speed. This software as simulink model is installed on real-time hardware (e.g. dSpace MABXII).  We will take care of sensoral algorithms and motor control for you.