Shape and share the sound of next-gen e-motors

MXsounddesigner: For a redefinition of the sound of electric vehicles and electric motors of any kind

Analytic offline and online sound synthesis software for Active Sound Design (ASD)

With MXsounddesigner, the sound of rotating machines can be replicated and modified. New sound targets for active sound design of both electric vehicles and of electric drive units of any kind are achievable by means of sound prototyping without any hardware and/or hardware knowledge in this way. MXsounddesigner is usable as both a stand-alone technical software environment and as part of a tool chain, for instance the ASG function of the Active Sound Generation/Active Noise Cancellation service package from MdynamiX.

  • Analytical additive sound synthesis
  • NVH knowledge-based design parameters/input possibilities
  • Sound influencing/design possibilities
    based on known technical description variables
  • Instant audio output and audio export
  • Direct signal parameterization

Objectification of the sound of existing rotary machines; synthetic (parasitic) noise generation; virtual sound prototyping in the motor development stage and customer-specific sound design.


By means of MXsounddesigner, signals can be analyzed and complex noise/sound be generated, listened to and exported as sound files or played directly via any electric drive unit by means of our Active Sound Generation function. The user interface makes it possible to read in and represent the frequency components of a signal or to automatically or manually generate and add sounds, orders and stochastic signals. The signals generated may be modulated, filtered via transfer functions and concurrently be designed in accordance with rotational speed and load. In addition, a mutually independent weighting of the individual components of the signal such as orders, sound, random noise and transfer function is possible.