MX Partner Days 2023

Deepening sales partner relationships

Experience live demos and knowledge exchange

MX Partner Days – the annual networking and training event for sales partners of MdynamiX. The two-day get-together is aimed at our national and international sales partners, who can exchange ideas and learn from each other on-site and in person with MdynamiX customers, product experts and partners.

MX Partner Days

Date: June 22 + 23, 2023

Location: Junkersstraße 1A, 87734 Benningen, Germany

What can you expect?

The MX Partner Days are part of the two-day forum Explore-to-Innovate. The new format consisting of two days, the Science Conference and the Tech Experience Day, uniquely combines expert presentations, technology exhibition and live demos in the lab and on test tracks.

We invite you to join us for a specially tailored program with the following content:

  • Product updates, portfolio demonstrations and hands-on experience with our product suite.
  • Discussions on solutions and best practices with our product experts.
  • Opportunity to ask burning questions and share your experiences with MX products.
  • Evening events for a relaxed get-together.

At the same time you will have the opportunity to experience the highlights of Explore-to-Innovate. The keynote and VIP evening event as well as demonstrations of use cases and live demos on the test track and in the driving simulator.

The presentation languages are German and English. German keynote speeches will be simultaneously translated by interpreters.

MX Partner Days Programm

MX Partner Days Description
09:00 Welcome Breakfast
09:30  Introduction and Overview:
– Welcome
– MdynamiX & MX Products
– Current business models
– Welcome speech by CEOs
– MX company introduction
– MX product overview :
current/new products  and roadmaps
10:30 Coffee Break
(dynamic driving simulator experience)
2 slots of dynamic driving simulator experience
11:00  Discussion and exchange of current business
models and opportunity trends
MX Partner reps present their companies and individual market trends
12:00 Discussion Session
– exchange current business
models and opportunity
– trends Market & up-to-date trends
– feedback and suggestions
MdynamiX and MX Partner reps exchange feedback and suggestions on current business models and opportunities
12:30 Product trainings, hands-on experience MXsteerHiL
13:00 Lunch Break
(dynamic driving simulator experience)
4 slots of dynamic driving simulator experience
14:00 Product trainings, hands-on experience 2 Static driving simulators
15:00 Product trainings, hands-on experience MXeval
15:30 Visit of new MX Headquarters “Shelter 16”
Joining the Explore-to-Innovate Event powered by the Institute of Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility (IFM, University of Applied Sciences Kempten)
16:00 Welcome:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hauke, President University of Applied Sciences KemptenProf. Dr. Regina Schreiber, Vice President for Knowledge and Technology TransferGreetings
Xaver Fackler, Owner FAKT-GroupKeynote Speakers:
Prof. Dr. Mario Trapp, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS, on the topic: What is the role of cognitive systems in mobility?

Jens Poggenburg, Executive Vice President AVL Instrument and Test Systems, on the topic: Reimagining motion – our transformation for sustainable mobility.

Current Research
Prof. Bernhard Schick, Head of the Institute for Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility, on the topic: Automated driving between enthusiasm and frustration.

Shuttle bus to/from hotel possible
18:00 Marché/Café & Opening of Technology Exhibition
19:00 Panel discussion with exciting guests from the automotive industry on the topic: How do we want to be driven automatically?
19:30 Marché/Café & Technology Exhibition
20:45 Closure of the first day event

Program 23 June

08:30 Track Day Reception & Tech Breakfast Joining the Explore-to-Innovate Event
MXeval demonstration on the proving ground, test benches and simulators
09:00 Prof. Bernhard Schick: Welcome & Introduction Live-Demos
09:30 Live-Demos

– on the Proving Ground
– in the Exhibition Space
– on the Simulator

11:45 Lunch & Technology Exhibition
12:30 Panel Discussion
13:00 Further competence of MdynamiX NVH
14:00 Discussion and future plan MX Partner reps and MdynamiX collaborate to review past experience and draw up a future plan
15:00 Farewell & Chillout

All participants of the MX Partner Days will have the opportunity to test the driving simulator.

Contact and Registration:

For registration and questions about the event, please contact Dr. Jinhuai Meiswinkel-Lin:

Please register by March 7, 2023!

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Prof. Dr. Peter E. Pfeffer
Prof. Dr. Peter Pfeffer
CEO MdynamiX AG, University of Applied Sciences Munich
Prof. Bernhard Schick
Prof. Bernhard Schick
CEO MdynamiX AG, University of Applied Sciences Kempten