With perfect practical relevance: our seminars

“Hands on” – in our seminars, we take this quite literally! Because we make our methods sensually perceptible for you in real-world driving scenarios. With ample practical driving experiences, we will broaden your understanding of the correlations and interactions in the “total context” of the automobile.  In concrete terms and corresponding to how people – your customers – experience vehicles in everyday situations.

Accounting for more than 50 percent of the training, our practical seminars feature extensive driving experience content. In a wide variety of vehicles including current “benchmarks.”

Our instructors are proven experts in their fields, some of them with more than 20 years of seminar experience.

On request, we will also be pleased to conduct in-house training sessions for you.


“Hands-on ADAS experience and evaluation ” – Learn how human perception, reaction and ADAS interact.

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Feeling, evaluating and developing steering characteristics for driving pleasure and comfort.

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Start well-prepared into the new automotive era. Master the challenges of (semi-)automated driving, e-mobility and lightweight construction with the focus on vehicle dynamics and ride comfort.

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